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Polar bear Hudson Bay coast

A polar bear roams the northwest coast of Hudson Bay. (Photo: Martin Gregus)

Photo: Martin Gregus
Photographer Martin Gregus recounts his summer 2020 expedition to the western coast of Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba
two pink salmon with green faces splash in a river

Wild salmon are the lifeblood of the B.C. coast, connecting and feeding the ocean and forest. (Photo: Pacific Salmon Foundation)

Photo: Pacific Salmon Foundation
The goal is to help rejuvenate and restore the habitats of salmon across B.C.

Photos: Douglas McIntyre

A memoir by Julia Zarankin 
The animated short film called Last Fish, First Boat recounts the 1992 cod moratorium
RCGS Fellow Myrna Pearman offers her tips for a successful winter birding season
Editor-in-chief and associate publisher Aaron Kylie contributed this chapter to a compilation book about the Canada Jay

The last day in the field. (Photo: Karina Dracott)

Sydni Long writes about her experience using citizen-reported sightings for the Ocean Bridge program
A wolverine crawls through snow
The trickster hero — ferocious, clever and strong — will need all of its ingenuity to continue to flourish

Belugas swimming near Utqiagvik, Alaska, in July 2017. (Photo: Lisa Barry/NOAA Fisheries)

Photo: Lisa Barry
Sound is an integral part of a beluga’s life, so the quality of the underwater acoustic environment is very important for the health and survival of belugas

A female killer whale leaps from the water in Puget Sound near Seattle. (AP Photo: Elaine Thompson)

AP Photo: Elaine Thompson
In the 1990s, an abrupt decline in the fish-eating southern resident population dropped to 75 whales from 98
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