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polar bear trafficking
Photo: Alan Wilson/Wikimedia Commons
Technology also will assist with management practices
Photo: Kurt Kulac/Wikimedia Commons
Warmer water caused by weather phenomenon the likely reason for the abundance of the tiny oily fish
A still image of The Nature Conservancy's animated 'Migrations in Motion' map
Image courtesy The Nature Conservancy
Researchers say protecting wilderness corridors will be essential to preserving biodiversity in the face of climate change
In Ice Bear, Michael Engelhard untangles our complicated love/hate relationship with this iconic Arctic animal
Fishermen harvest northern cod in southeast Newfoundland
Photo: Neil Ever Osborne/Canadian Geographic
After a total collapse of Grand Banks fisheries in the 1990s, the cod are coming back. This time, the Canadian government and Newfoundland fish harvesters are ready to manage the stocks sustainably.
polar bears
Photo: Jonathan Huyer
Here's what the judges liked about this year's top picks
Experts at the national bird debate
Photo: Tamam Ahmed Jama
Experts weighed in on Canada's national bird in debate at the Canadian Museum of Nature
Magnificent frigatebirds in Barbuda's mangroves
Photo courtesy Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority
Barbuda's Codrington Lagoon National Park hosts the Caribbean's largest colony of magnificent (yes, that's their name) frigatebirds every mating season
Jean Beasley, director of the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
Photo: Harry Wilson
The Topsail Turtle Project has been helping save imperilled sea turtles for 25 years. Meet Jean Beasley, the 81-year-old force of nature behind its success.
A screenshot from a video showing a humpback whale breaching at close range
Image: YouTube/Wildcoast Adventures/Heather Lawrence
"John doesn't need a bathroom break anymore," quips a paddler offscreen
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