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From polar bears to peregrine falcons, blue whales to bees, find out about Canada’s wildlife, habitats and conservation news.

Anguniaqvia niqiqyuam Marine Protected Area map
Map: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Key facts and figures about this remote patch of the Beaufort Sea
Canada lynx
Photo: Dan Kelly/Can Geo Photo Club
The plight of Lynx canadensis, which is not at risk in Canada but threatened in the United States, highlights the difficulty of conserving species across borders
algonquin park wolf
Photo: Erika Squires/Can Geo Photo Club
Province implements hunting and trapping ban in four provincial parks
moose tim hortons newfoundland
Photo: Critters N' Things/Facebook
Footage of Newfoundland urban wildlife encounter 'amooses' Canadians
J-2 "Granny" orca whale
Photo: Gary Sutton/Steveston Seabreeze Adventures
Granny, whose official name was J-2, was last seen October 12, 2016 and is presumed dead
people and beluga whales arctic
Photo: Nansen Weber
Drone videographer Nansen Weber shares his latest effort from the Canadian Arctic
polar bear cub wapusk national park
(Photo: Daisy Gilardini)
Daisy Gilardini was awarded the 2016 Grand Prize in the Nature’s Best Photography for her image featuring a mother polar bear with cubs
Anishinaabe artist Mark Nadjiwan's work, For Seven Generations, featuring the gray jay
Artwork: Mark Nadjiwan; Photo: Steve Phillips/Can Geo Photo Club
Niigaan Sinclair, author and associate professor in the University of Manitoba's department of native studies, on why the gray jay is important to the Anishinaabe people.
A gray jay in Western Canada's mountain forests
Photo: Tony Joyce
After two years, nearly 50,000 votes and thousands of public and expert comments, the Canadian Geographic National Bird Project concludes. Meet our newest national emblem.
Photo: Nansen Weber
As development cuts into the elusive animal's habitat, the resulting genetic isolation could ultimately lead to a population crash
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