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Empty dish soap bottles arrayed in front of a pond in Nova Scotia

A photo shared on Facebook by Nova Scotia-based conservation advocate Adam Malcolm shows several empty bottles of dish soap arrayed in front of a plunge pool. Malcolm issued a plea for social media users to stop pouring soap into waterfalls “for the ‘gram,” as it can be fatal to aquatic wildlife. (Photo: Adam Malcolm)

Photo: Adam Malcolm
Plus: Racing to find a vaccine for chronic wasting disease, narwhal “flukeprints” and tool-using polar bears
A European starling with iridescent feathers perched in a pine tree

A European starling in Guelph, Ont. A new disease affecting several common bird species has been detected in the eastern United States, concerning scientists. (Photo: Debbie Oppermann/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Debbie Oppermann/Can Geo Photo Club
Highlights and headlines from the world of wildlife this week
An LDD moth pictured on a green leaf

It was formerly known as the "gypsy moth." The Entomological Society of America recently announced it will use this species' scientific name until a new common name is chosen. (Photo: imarsman/Creative Commons of Canada, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

LDD moth
Wildlife names that could use a rebrand
A woolly mammoth with large curling tusks wanders through an icy landscape under billowing grey clouds

An adult male woolly mammoth navigates a mountain pass in Arctic Alaska, 17,100 years ago. The image is produced from an original, life-size painting by paleo artist James Havens, which is housed at the University of Alaska Museum of the North (Painting: James Havens).

(Painting: James Haven)
Researchers used chemical tracers to map the movements of an ancient woolly mammoth
Polar bear walking across ice

Photo: Gary Morgan/Can Geo Photo Club.

Photo: Gary Morgan/Can Geo Photo Club
Ryan Wolfe is the lead researcher on a conservation project aimed at saving Ontario's most endangered snake, the blue racer.

Ryan Wolfe is the lead researcher on a conservation project aimed at saving Ontario's most endangered snake, the blue racer. (Photo: Sterling Sztricsko)

Ryan Wolfe
One man’s endeavour to save the province’s most endangered snake
Two coastal wolves howl standing on wet sand in front of a blue ocean
The wolves emerge from the rainforest at dawn. The pack stops to howl on the beach, perhaps to mark their territory. (Photo: Steve Woods)
Photo: Steve Woods
First Nations and scientists work side by side to better understand — and protect — coastal wolves living in the Great Bear Rainforest
A little brown bat hangs from the roof of a cave

A little brown bat. (Photo: Moriarty Marvin, USFWS)

Photo: Photo: Moriarty Marvin, USFWS
It's your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news!
a blue whale swims close to the surface

52 hertz. (Photo: Courtesy of Bleecker Street)

Photo: Courtesy of Bleecker Street
Your weekly CanGeo round-up of wildlife news
A cougar sits in a tree

Photo: Delaney Frame

Photo: Delaney Frame
How Canada's cougars are on the rise — and what that means for us
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