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From polar bears to peregrine falcons, blue whales to bees, find out about Canada’s wildlife, habitats and conservation news.

A male zebra finch examines material before deciding what to use to build his nest. (Photo: Alexis Breen)

Photo: Alexis Breen
Birds who grew up with an adult present are faster at building their nests

About two million hatchery trout are released into Nova Scotia rivers each year. (Photo: Nova Scotia Brook Trout Fishing Guide)

Photo: Nova Scotia Brook Trout Fishing Guide
Brook trout are the primary sport fish in the province
Rocky Mountain apollo butterfly

The Rocky Mountain apollo butterfly feeds on a specific type of succulent that grows in high alpine meadows. Climate models that factor in the insect and its food show that both are vulnerable to warming. (Photo: Alessandro Filazzola)

Photo: Alessandro Filazzola
Researchers modelling climate impacts on an alpine butterfly species found increased vulnerability when food sources are factored in

The invasive Asian giant hornet — dubbed the “murder hornet” — is roughly double the size of a yellow jacket. (Photos: Ministry of Agriculture/British Columbia)

Photos: Ministry of Agriculture/British Columbia
Honey bee experts say the hornets could quickly decimate a hive if they got inside
Tundra wolf fall colours

A single wolf can eat up to 29 caribou a year, putting vulnerable populations at risk. (Photo: Tim Haan/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Tim Haan/Can Geo Photo Club
A one-year pilot project is underway in an effort to protect threatened caribou populations in the territory, but some conservation groups say wolf culls miss the bigger picture

IKEA, a Tree Canada sponsor, provides volunteers at a tree planting event in spring 2019. (Photo: Tree Canada)

Photo: Tree Canada
Organizations say it’s too early to determine long-term effects
Boreal wetland Algonquin Provincial Park

Boreal peatlands are home to a wide range of species, including many nationally and globally rare plants and lichens. (Photo: Nina Stavlund/Can Geo Photo Club)

(Photo: Nina Stavlund/Can Geo Photo Club)
A huge part of Canada's northern geography, peatlands are critical to regulating our climate — and more

Illustration: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo

Illustration: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo
Writer Stephen Smith takes to Newfoundland’s shores in his quest to see the ‘capelin roll’ — the spawning spectacle of a tiny fish with a massive ecological, historical and cultural impact
a collage of wildlife photos including a polar bear, horse, gosling, cheetah, gorilla, loon, grizzly bear and fox

Watch a video of some of Michelle Valberg's best wildlife photos. (Photo: Michelle Valberg)

Photo: Michelle Valberg
Michelle Valberg, Photographer-In-Residence, compiles some of her favourite wildlife images to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day
Wildlife Enforcement Directorate Office

Senior wildlife officer Andrew Bruce holds an elephant tusk in Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Wildlife Enforcement Directorate evidence room in Burlington, Ont. The international trade in wildlife is believed to be a major contributing factor in the emergence of new pathogens like the novel coronavirus. (Photo: Peter Power/Can Geo)

(Photo: Peter Power/Can Geo)
The SARS outbreak of 2003 showed us the consequences of environmental degradation and the commodification of wild animals. Why hasn’t anything changed? 
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