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From polar bears to peregrine falcons, blue whales to bees, find out about Canada’s wildlife, habitats and conservation news.

captive belugas
Photo: Diliff/Wikimedia Commons
The aquarium is concerned for the future of its marine mammal rescue program
right whale
Photo courtesy of Tonya Wimmer
Population of the endangered whale estimated at 525 
Diana Beresford-Kroeger in her new tree documentary Call of the Forest
Photo: TARO PR
World-renowned tree expert and author Diana Beresford-Kroeger's film crosses continents and disciplines to show how trees sustain all life on Earth
baby bison calf Banff national park
Photo courtesy of Adam Zier-Vogel, Parks Canada
The Banff National Park project seeks to reintegrate the keystone species into the natural ecosystem
Beaver in thin ice
Photo: Phillip Childs/Can Geo Photo Club
Arctic 'shrubification' caused by global warming may be drawing herbivores further north
Photo: Andrew Derocher
Scientists predict a warming climate could increase wind speeds and alter the animal’s ability to hunt
Photo courtesy Diamon Schmitt Architects
Safe Wings Ottawa says the guidelines used are outdated
Photo: Derek Dafoe/Can Geo Photo Club
This David Suzuki Foundation initiative wants to grow homes for local butterflies and bees
Photo: Andy Murch/Can Geo Photo Club
City’s park board to present a bylaw amendment that would ban the importation and display of whales, dolphins and porpoises
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