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From polar bears to peregrine falcons, blue whales to bees, find out about Canada’s wildlife, habitats and conservation news.

whooping crane twins and their parents
Photo: John Mckinnon/Parks Canada
Conservation managers at the park reported 63 new fledglings of the endangered bird this year
Illustration detail of Capinatator praetermissus
Drawing: Marianne Collins © Royal Ontario Museum
Capinatator praetermissus was much larger than modern species and used its many spines to grab prey
Tallurutiup Imanga, Lancaster Sound
Photo: Michelle Valberg
The final boundary for Canada’s new national marine conservation area in Canada’s North shows an area twice the size of Nova Scotia
September/October cover
September/October cover
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right whale bay of fundy
Photo: Larissa Schiffmann/Can Geo Photo Club
Ten caracasses of the critically endangered whale have been found in the past two months. 
Grizzly bears, cubs, b.c.
Photo: Michelle Valberg
Photographer-In-Residence Michelle Valberg takes us on her photography expedition to the famed grizzly sanctuary 
mountie chases bear
Could this video be more Canadian?
Photo: Diane Irwin/Can Geo Photo Club
How do you save an endangered species in the vastness of the open ocean? Listen for it.
Did you know: the first sightings of "urban raccoons" were in a suburb of Cincinnati in the 1920s
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