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From polar bears to peregrine falcons, blue whales to bees, find out about Canada’s wildlife, habitats and conservation news.

algonquin park wolf
Photo: Erika Squires/Can Geo Photo Club
Province implements hunting and trapping ban in four provincial parks
moose tim hortons newfoundland
Photo: Critters N' Things/Facebook
Footage of Newfoundland urban wildlife encounter 'amooses' Canadians
J-2 "Granny" orca whale
Photo: Gary Sutton/Steveston Seabreeze Adventures
Granny, whose official name was J-2, was last seen October 12, 2016 and is presumed dead
people and beluga whales arctic
Photo: Nansen Weber
Drone videographer Nansen Weber shares his latest effort from the Canadian Arctic
polar bear cub wapusk national park
(Photo: Daisy Gilardini)
Daisy Gilardini was awarded the 2016 Grand Prize in the Nature’s Best Photography for her image featuring a mother polar bear with cubs
Anishinaabe artist Mark Nadjiwan's work, For Seven Generations, featuring the gray jay
Artwork: Mark Nadjiwan; Photo: Steve Phillips/Can Geo Photo Club
Niigaan Sinclair, author and associate professor in the University of Manitoba's department of native studies, on why the gray jay is important to the Anishinaabe people.
A gray jay in Western Canada's mountain forests
Photo: Tony Joyce
After two years, nearly 50,000 votes and thousands of public and expert comments, the Canadian Geographic National Bird Project concludes. Meet our newest national emblem.
Photo: Nansen Weber
As development cuts into the elusive animal's habitat, the resulting genetic isolation could ultimately lead to a population crash
(Photo: Peupleloup/Wikimedia Commons)
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador says the George River herd won’t recover unless illegal hunting is stopped
A humpback whale breaches off the Gaspé peninsula
Photo: Debbie Sams/Can Geo Photo Club
To save whales, we first have to understand them. Here are three Canadian projects aimed at doing just that.
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