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Canada Goose Arctic Gallery at Ottawa's Canadian Museum of Nature
Beyond Ice
Ottawa's Canadian Museum of Nature unveils its newest gallery, devoted to Canada's Far North
the young male beluga swimming the Nepisiguit River
Marine Animal Response Society
This first of its kind collaboration led to the rescue of baby beluga in Nepisiguit River
Sable feral horses
Photo: Trudy Ferguson/Can Geo Photo Club
The students’ device will compete at an international innovation competition June 18 to 20
Banana slug, video of the week, time-lapse, British Columbia, Canada, wildlife
Photo: Shutterjet/Facebook
This video of a Pacific banana slug dispatching a dandelion is the surprise "cute" viral nature video of the week 
Double-crested Cormorant drying its wings
Photo: Windy Corduroy/Can Geo Photo Club
Findings could have significant implications for the conservation of marine bird species
Lancaster Sound map
Lancaster Sound National Marine Conservation Area map
Two visions of the landmark proposed marine protected region
piebald moose Newfoundland photography
Photo courtesy of Gerard Gale
It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, says photographer Gerard Gale
A migratory woodland caribou in Ungava
Photo: Benjamin Dy/Can Geo Photo Club
Conservation biologists say the Quebec government has failed to explore other options that would keep the herd wild 
colouring book, photography, wildlife
Colouring Canada features 26 greyscale photographs shot by Canadian Geographic's Photographer-in-Residence 
salmon run British Columbia Vancouver Cambie bridge
Photo courtesy Scott Smith
Uninterrupted, a digital art installation planned for Vancouver's Cambie Street Bridge, hopes to inspire conservation efforts
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