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Google Earth Voyager Jill Heinerth Story

Google Earth Voyager follows the career of underwater explorer Jill Heinerth, with each panel taking the reader to different expedition locations. (Photo: Google Earth Voyager)

Photo: Google Earth Voyager
Canadian Geographic celebrates the exploration and conservation work of RCGS Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth in a new Google Earth Voyager story
The Phoenix skyline glows at sunset

The Phoenix skyline glows at sunset. While nearby Scottsdale remains a top draw for Canadian snowbirds, Phoenix has plenty to offer sun- and city-seekers. (Photo: Nick Cote/Visit Phoenix)

Photo: Nick Cote/Visit Phoenix
There's lots of life in this desert city
the exterior of the Diplomat Beach Resort

The posh Diplomat Beach Resort in South Florida recently underwent a major renovation to freshen its amenities and design. (Photo courtesy Diplomat Beach Resort)

Photo courtesy Diplomat Beach Resort
Fresh from a five-year, $100-million renovation, "The Dip" retains all the elegance that has made it a favourite haunt of celebrities and Presidents 
Vouchercloud's map of the top tourist attraction in every country. Explore a larger version of the map here.

Vouchercloud's map of the top tourist attraction in every country.

Niagara Falls is Canada's can't-miss attraction, according to TripAdvisor U.K. users
Pascale Marceau, left, and Lonnie Dupre hold the flag of the RCGS during their attempt to summit Mt. Lucania

Pascale Marceau, left, and Lonnie Dupre display the flag of the RCGS during their attempt to make the first winter ascent of Mt. Lucania, Canada's third-highest mountain, in January 2018. (Photo courtesy Pascale Marceau and Lonnie Dupre)

Photo courtesy Pascale Marceau and Lonnie Dupre
Although our expedition came to an early end this year, it was still a successful journey of exploratory learning in one of the most extreme environments in Canada
George Kourounis inside the Marum crater of Ambrym volcano, Vanuatu

George Kourounis stands beside a lava lake inside the Marum crater on Ambrym, a volcanic island in the Vanuatu archipelago, in 2014. To get to the lake, Kourounis and his film crew had to rappel down the side of the crater, which is deeper than the Empire State Building is tall. (Photo courtesy George Kourounis)

Photo courtesy George Kourounis
Whether outrunning a tornado, dodging lava bombs or hunkering down in a hurricane, explorer George Kourounis is most comfortable living on the edge
Maple syrup dripping from a tap into a collection bucket

How about "a perky, but shyly insouciant, maple syrup, with notes of vanilla and black earth?" Our writer asked several syrup producers if geography influences the product the way it does wine and coffee. (Photo: John Dempster/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: John Dempster/Can Geo Photo Club
We know weather influences the taste and quality of Canada's national condiment, but some producers say geography plays a role as well 
Jeff Fuchs, the "Tea Explorer," with Konga, a tea trader from Lo Manthang

Jeff Fuchs, the "Tea Explorer," with Konga, a tea trader from Lo Manthang in northern Mustang, Nepal. (Photo courtesy Jeff Fuchs)

Photo courtesy Jeff Fuchs
How does a Canadian wind up wandering an ancient tea-trading route through the Himalayas? We talk to 'Tea Explorer' Jeff Fuchs about his documentary film and his ongoing journey to unlock the secrets of the leaf. 
Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador

Situated on a remote 1,300-hectare private ecological reserve in a transition zone between cloud forest and rainforest, Mashpi Lodge (pictured) is a spectacular sanctuary where guests can connect with Ecuador's rich biodiversity. (Photo: Joseph Frey)

Photo: Joseph Frey
Between rainforest and cloud forest, a serene sanctuary awaits
Shelley Ball with a chinstrap penguin in Antarctica

Shelley Ball comes face-to-face with a curious chinstrap penguin on Deception Island, Antarctica during the inaugural Homeward Bound Women in Science Leadership Expedition, December 2016. (Photo: Dyan deNapoli)

Photo: Dyan deNapoli
As a biologist and photographer, I had long hoped to visit Antarctica — but this journey was much more than a travel dream fulfilled
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