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Colourful cowboy boots displayed on shelves in Amarillo Texas by Zach Baranowski

Photo: Zach Baranowski/Canadian Geographic Travel

Photo: Zach Baranowski/Canadian Geographic
From the canyonlands to the rodeo culture, the thriving arts scene to the small but distinguished wine region, the Texas Panhandle is full of surprises
The Kii mountains at dusk, as seen on the Kumano Kodo

The Kii Mountains at dusk. The Kumano Kodo is an 11th-century pilgrimage route that takes modern-day hikers through dense old-growth forests that open onto vistas of tea terraces and mist-shrouded peaks. (Photo courtesy Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau)

Photo courtesy Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau
From the intriguing streets of Edo-period towns to sun-dappled hiking trails between Oji-Shinto shrines, Japan's rich history is best explored outdoors
There's a reason photographers call it the "magic hour" 
Javier Frutos wears Columbia jacket on ship

Wearing the Columbia Titanium OutDry Insulated Jacket aboard a One Ocean Expeditions ship off the coast of Antarctica. (Photo: Javier Frutos/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Javier Frutos/Canadian Geographic
Creative Director Javier Frutos puts a Columbia jacket, gloves and baselayers to the ultimate test at the end of the world
January/February 2018 cover

Cover options for the January/February issue of Canadian Geographic. Option three was the clear winner, earning 48 per cent of the audience vote. (Photos, left to right: Gary and Joanie McGuffin, Robin O’Neill and Nick Hawkins)

January/February 2018 cover
Thanks to everyone who voted!
La Paz colourful sign La Paz Mexico

You are here, in colourful La Paz, Mexico. This sign can be found on La Paz's Malecon, or seaside promenade. (Photo: Jenn Chan/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Jenn Chan/Canadian Geographic
From snorkelling with whale sharks to savouring fully-loaded Mexican hot dogs, here's why La Paz should be on your list of places to travel next
The 2018 GMC Terrain in Lac Beauport, Que.

The 2018 GMC Terrain in Lac Beauport, Que. (Photo: Roland Bast/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Roland Bast/Canadian Geographic
With plenty of room for you and all your gear, weekend getaways are easier in the 2018 GMC Terrain
manhattan, new york city, city, skyline, skyscrapers, uptown

A view of Manhattan from the One World Observatory in Lower Manhattan. (Photo: Michela Rosano/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Michela Rosano/Canadian Geographic
The neighbourhood at the southern tip of the island is more than just Wall Street and skyscrapers
Wintry scenes from Can Geo's Instagram community

Wintry scenes from Can Geo's Instagram community.

This week, we embrace the coming season and showcase Canada as a winter wonderland
Canada Science and Technology Museum

The facade of the renovated Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, which boasts an 111-square-metre LED canopy projection screen that will feature themed programming. (Photo: Javier Frutos/Canadian Geographic)

Canada Science and Technology Museum
After 26 months of construction and $80 million in upgrades, the national science and innovation showcase in Ottawa promises to connect the past and the future
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