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blue morpho butterfly

A blue morpho butterfly flies through the solarium at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. The species, along with dozens of others, is part of a new exhibit, Butterflies in Flight, which lets visitors mingle up close with the insects. (Photo: Aaron Kylie/Canadian Geographic)

blue morpho butterfly
The Canadian Museum of Nature's new Butterflies in Flight exhibit lets visitors mingle with dozens of the insects
Banff wildlife overpass, anniversary, national park, bear, wolf, elk, cougar

Twenty years later, Banff National Park's system of wildlife overpasses and underpasses are still praised around the world for having drastically reduced wildlife collisions in the busy park. (Photo: Gloria Dickie)

Photo: Gloria Dickie
The innovative structures are heralded for having opened migration corridors and saved countless animals from vehicle collisions
great lakes, freighter, ship, ontario, lake ontario

Photographer Thomas Fricke stands atop G3 Marquis and takes in the night sky as the freighter makes its way across Lake Ontario en route to Chicago. (Photo: Thomas Fricke/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Thomas Fricke/Canadian Geographic
It’s a multi-billion-dollar business that most of us never get to see. A glimpse into what life is like aboard the freighters that ply the Great Lakes.
Canada Science and Technology Museum

The facade of the renovated Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, which boasts an 111-square-metre LED canopy projection screen that will feature themed programming. (Photo: Javier Frutos/Canadian Geographic)

Canada Science and Technology Museum
After 26 months of construction and $80 million in upgrades, the national science and innovation showcase in Ottawa promises to connect the past and the future

Homeward Bound's inaugural voyage in 2016 aboard the MV Ushuaia. (Photo: Deborah Pardo)

Photo: Deborah Pardo
Dr. Catherine Sorbara is the sole Canadian participating in Homeward Bound 2018, an annual three-week-long expedition in Antarctica aimed at bolstering women leaders in STEMM
Satellite image of Antarctica Weddell Sea with sea ice and extra-tropical cyclones from September 25, 2017

In this this satellite image from September 25, 2017, winter sea ice can be seen blanketing Antarctica's Weddell Sea. The blue outlines represent the ice edge; the polynya is the dark region of open water within the ice pack. (Image: MODIS-Aqua via NASA Worldview; sea ice contours from AMSR2 ASI via University of Bremen)

Image: MODIS-Aqua via NASA Worldview; sea ice contours from AMSR2 ASI)
Researchers say the naturally occurring ice-free area, called a polynya, is a rare opportunity to study heat transfer between the ocean and atmopshere in the southern polar region
Author Britt Wray and Rise of the Necrofauna

In her new book Rise of the Necrofauna, author Britt Wray (left) tackles the thorny ethical questions surrounding de-extinction. (Author photo courtesy Arden Wray)

Photo: Arden Wray
In her new book, Rise of the Necrofauna, Britt Wray examines the science, controversy and ethics of de-extinction, a movement that could one day see the return of extinct species such as the woolly mammoth and Tasmanian tiger
Jason Silva Shots of Awe

Jason Silva, creator and host of Shots of Awe. (Photo courtesy Experience Genie)

Photo courtesy Experience Genie
The creator and host of the popular Shots of Awe series on YouTube embarks on a four-city Canadian speaking tour next month
Peter Ross analyses water samples from various locations for microplastic threads

Marine toxicologist Peter Ross at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, analysing water samples from various locations for microplastic threads. (Photo: Steven Hargreaves)

Photo: Steven Hargreaves
Scientist Peter Ross uses all the high-tech tools of a crime scene investigator — except his crime scene is the open ocean
Dr. Mona Nemer

Dr. Mona Nemer, pictured speaking at a conference in 2008. Nemer has been appointed Canada's Chief Science Advisor. (Photo: Phillip Jeffrey)

Photo: Phillip Jeffrey
Dr. Mona Nemer, formerly of the University of Ottawa, steps into the highly-anticipated role
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