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Des laboratoires de recherche mobiles exploités à proximité de Cambridge Bay (Nunavut). (Photo : Arctic Research Foundation)

Photo : Arctic Research Foundation
Les laboratoires novateurs ajoutent de nouvelles fonctionnalités à la recherche climatique et aux communications dans l’ouest de l’Arctique
More than 10,000 people visit the Canada-Wide Science Fair each year.

More than 10,000 people visit the Canada-Wide Science Fair each year. This year, 450 young finalists from across Canada presented more than 400 projects on topics related to information technology, health, energy, the environment and more. (Photo: Katherine Lissitsa/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Katherine Lissitsa/Canadian Geographic
These finalists in the 57th annual Canada-Wide Science Fair prove the future is in good hands
a 3D hologram of a person projected into a life-sized pod

A 3D hologram of a person is projected from one place to another using the TeleHuman2 videoconferencing system. (Photo: Queen's University Human Media Lab)

Photo: Queen's University Human Media Lab
A professor at Queen's University has developed new technology that transmits life-sized, 3D images of a person from one place to another
A cold and windy spring night on the vast landscape of Devon Ice Cap – two subglacial lakes are lurking 750 m below the surface. Photo credit: Anja Rutishauser

A cold and windy spring night on the vast landscape of the Devon Ice Cap, where two subglacial lakes were found to be lurking 750 metres below the surface. (Photo: Anja Rutishauser)

Photo: Anja Rutishauser
Conditions in isolated saline lakes beneath the Devon Ice Cap could be similar to those on Jupiter's icy moon Europa, thought to be capable of supporting life 
Canadian Geographic May/June 2018 issue

Option one, by Robin and Arlene Karpan, was the unanimous favourite of voters and staff for the cover of the May/June 2018 issue of Canadian Geographic.

Canadian Geographic May/June 2018 issue
Thanks to everyone who voted!
Google Earth Voyager Jill Heinerth Story

Google Earth Voyager follows the career of underwater explorer Jill Heinerth, with each panel taking the reader to different expedition locations. (Photo: Google Earth Voyager)

Photo: Google Earth Voyager
Canadian Geographic celebrates the exploration and conservation work of RCGS Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth in a new Google Earth Voyager story

Xpedition 90X will use an International/Navistar MXT, modified to contain a small diesel engine and electric motor system. The diesel engine will drive the generators and propel the vehicle, which will also utilize an electric propulsion assist system. (Photo courtesy Xpedition 90X)

Photo courtesy Xpedition 90X
Xpedition 90X aims to conduct the first hybrid-vehicle expedition and first Canadian-led driving expedition to the South Pole in November 2018
Shelley Ball with a chinstrap penguin in Antarctica

Shelley Ball comes face-to-face with a curious chinstrap penguin on Deception Island, Antarctica during the inaugural Homeward Bound Women in Science Leadership Expedition, December 2016. (Photo: Dyan deNapoli)

Photo: Dyan deNapoli
As a biologist and photographer, I had long hoped to visit Antarctica — but this journey was much more than a travel dream fulfilled
Christian Bagg, trail, invention, wheelchair, Great Trail

Icon Wheelchairs founder Christian Bagg has tested many versions of his powerful Explore model on The Great Trail’s West Bragg Creek routes, in Alberta.

Photo: Christian Bagg
Christian Bagg, founder of Icon Wheelchairs, is a true trailblazer
A photo of Dr. Molly Shoichet at the university with two students

Dr. Molly Shoichet (middle) is a professor at the University of Toronto, as well as an expert in regenerative medicine. (Photo: University of Toronto)

Photo: University of Toronto
Dr. Molly Shoichet discusses her new role and how she plans to restore the public’s trust in government science
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