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Dr. Mona Nemer

Dr. Mona Nemer, pictured speaking at a conference in 2008. Nemer has been appointed Canada's Chief Science Advisor. (Photo: Phillip Jeffrey)

Photo: Phillip Jeffrey
Dr. Mona Nemer, formerly of the University of Ottawa, steps into the highly-anticipated role
Ladybug from tribe Chrysomelini, as identified by iNaturalist

A ladybug from tribe Chrysomelini, as identified by iNaturalist's new computer vision-powered app. (Photo: Marina Wang)

Photo: Marina Wang
Can a computer learn to identify species?

A new computational model may help predict future wildfires, similar to the dangerous 2016 fire that overwhelmed Fort McMurray, Alta. (Photo: DarrenRD/Wikimedia Commons)

Photo: DarrenRD/Wikimedia Commons
Researchers at the University of Alberta have trained a "self-organizing map" to identify high-risk days for fires 

The newly developed scanning method produced this image of a Colorado potatoe beetle. (Photo: Danny Poinapen/University of Western Ontario)

Photo: Danny Poinapen/University of Western Ontario
Researchers were able to produce quality, 3D images without harming their subjects
Partial solar eclipse October 23 2014

A partial solar eclipse as seen from Woodbridge, Ont. on October 23, 2014. (Photo: Tomislav Stefanac/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Tomislav Stefanac/Can Geo Photo Club
Here's how Canadians can watch the so-called "Great American Eclipse"
Illustration detail of Capinatator praetermissus

Illustration detail of Capinatator praetermissus. (Drawing: Marianne Collins © Royal Ontario Museum)

Drawing: Marianne Collins © Royal Ontario Museum
Capinatator praetermissus was much larger than modern species and used its many spines to grab prey
Tallurutiup Imanga, Lancaster Sound

Tallurutiup Imanga/Lancaster Sound is home to a vast swath of wildlife, from narwhals, polar bears, seals and walruses, to millions of migratory birds. (Photo: Michelle Valberg)

Photo: Michelle Valberg
The final boundary for Canada’s new national marine conservation area in Canada’s North shows an area twice the size of Nova Scotia
Professor Marek Michalak and graduate student Wen-An (Jennifer) Wang

Professor Marek Michalak and graduate student Wen-An (Jennifer) Wang. (Photo: University of Alberta)

Findings offer new insights into how cholesterol levels are controlled within the body
Professors Tuma Young, Matthias Bierenstiel, medicinal properties of birch bark oil.

Professors Tuma Young (left) and Matthias Bierenstiel (right) are teaming up to study the medicinal properties of birch bark oil. (Photo courtesy Cape Breton University)

Photo courtesy Cape Breton University
The team hopes to create an efficient birch bark oil that helps ease eczema and psoriasis

A North Atlantic right whale flashes its tail in the Bay of Fundy. Eight right whales have died in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this summer, calling renewed attention to the plight of the endangered species. (Photo: Diane Irwin/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Diane Irwin/Can Geo Photo Club
How do you save an endangered species in the vastness of the open ocean? Listen for it.
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