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Photo: Canadian Space Agency
The final stage of a recruitment process that began almost a year ago with 3,700+ applicants has begun
Photo: Rick Osentoski/AP Images for Shell
Categories for hydrogen and battery-electric cars attract teams interested in shaping the future of fuel 
Screenshot of the new Google Earth
Canadian Geographic Education tapped to host workshops to help teachers make the most of the new tool 
Image courtesy University of Waterloo
Created using a process called gravitational lensing, this image confirms theories that there’s a web of dark matter between galaxies
Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2017 Team Nortern Sarnia
Photo: Team Northern
Of the 20 Canadian teams soon heading to Detroit to show off their energy-efficient vehicle prototypes, Sarnia's Northern Collegiate boasts the first and only team coming from a high school
Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2015 Zoticus
Rick Osentoski/AP Images for Shell
Canadian teams have historically performed well in the competition, which challenges students to create a vehicle that can travel far using little energy
monarch butterflies covers the forest floor of El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary in Michoacán Mexico
Photo: Jaime Rojo
Three Canadian photojournalists among those honoured for visual storytelling 
Eldonia ludwigi burgess shale
Photo: James St. John/Wikimedia Commons
Burgess Shale is famous for the exquisite and uncommon detail in its fossilized soft-bodied organisms. Here's the science behind the phenomenon.
A team excavates fossils at the Walcott Quarry
Photo: Desmond Collins © Royal Ontario Museum
Researchers at the Royal Ontario Museum offer first glimpse of a spineless, thumb-sized animal based on Cambrian fossils found in the Rocky Mountains 
Bluefish Caves in the Yukon
Photo: Ruth Gotthardt/Government of Yukon
New study out of the Université de Montréal finds that humans occupied the Yukon's Bluefish Caves 24,000 years ago
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