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monarch butterflies covers the forest floor of El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary in Michoacán Mexico
Photo: Jaime Rojo
Three Canadian photojournalists among those honoured for visual storytelling 
Eldonia ludwigi burgess shale
Photo: James St. John/Wikimedia Commons
Burgess Shale is famous for the exquisite and uncommon detail in its fossilized soft-bodied organisms. Here's the science behind the phenomenon.
A team excavates fossils at the Walcott Quarry
Photo: Desmond Collins © Royal Ontario Museum
Researchers at the Royal Ontario Museum offer first glimpse of a spineless, thumb-sized animal based on Cambrian fossils found in the Rocky Mountains 
Bluefish Caves in the Yukon
Photo: Ruth Gotthardt/Government of Yukon
New study out of the Université de Montréal finds that humans occupied the Yukon's Bluefish Caves 24,000 years ago
Live feed shows two astronauts working to upgade the station's power system
Researchers explore the Tunnunik impact crater in Canada's Arctic
Photo: Gordon Osinski
A new way of mapping impact craters could even change how astronauts prepare for the moon and Mars
Researchers explore the Tunnunik impact crater in Canada's Arctic
Photo : Gordon Osinski
Une nouvelle méthode de cartographie des cratères d’impact pourrait même changer le mode de préparation des astronautes pour la lune et Mars
A researcher samples subterranean water deep in a mine near Timmins, Ont.
Photo courtesy Oliver Warr/University of Toronto
Two-billion-year-old water held deep in Earth's crust could hold clues to life on other planets
Asbestos industry images from Canadian Geographic articles in the 1930s
Photos: Canadian Geographic archives
As Canada announces a total ban on asbestos, Canadian Geographic looks back at its early coverage of the ‘magic’ mineral, from the days when its dangers were unknown or ignored
Franklin crew member John Hartnell's nails encased in resin
Photo: Joyce McBeth/University of Saskatchewan
New study finds evidence malnutrition played a significant role in crew member's death
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