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Prince Albert II, Monaco, exploration, ocean
Photo: Andrew Lovesey
The Monaco Explorations expedition will conduct three years of scientific research in nine remote locations around the world beginning in July 
Sable feral horses
Photo: Trudy Ferguson/Can Geo Photo Club
The students’ device will compete at an international innovation competition June 18 to 20
Photo: Emilie Goulet
A northern research expedition has been postponed until July due to unusually hazardous ice conditions
Bubblegum pink coral
Photo: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
First of two summer expeditions that will livestream deep-ocean exploration set off for Gulf of Maine today
maritime link
Map courtesy of Emera Newfoundland & Labrador Holdings Inc.
The Maritime Link project will connect the power grids in the two provinces
Pregnant woman standing in front of water, tree in background, during Autumn.
(Photo: Pixabay)
Women exposed to warmer temperatures during pregnancy have a higher rate of gestational diabetes compared to those exposed to colder temperatures
Canada's tallest proposed skyscrapers
Illustration: Nick Walker/Canadian Geographic
Canadian skyscrapers are climbing higher than ever before, with record-setters planned for Toronto, Edmonton and even Quebec City
Sea glass sponge
Sally Leys, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility
University of Alberta researchers use robotics to share one of Canada’s incredible reefs
Zuul ankylosaur dinosaur Ghostbusters
Photo courtesy of Brian Boyle, Royal Ontario Museum
The Zuul Crurivastator skeleton is almost perfectly preserved
Gordon Harris, UniverCity, sustainable development, burnaby
Photo: Peppa Martin
The president and CEO of the Simon Fraser University Community Trust discusses the award-winning community in Burnaby, B.C.
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