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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is Canada’s Centre for Geography and Exploration, and one of the largest non-profit educational organizations in the nation.

Michael Palin
Michael Palin speaks about his new book, a history of the polar exploration vessel HMS Erebus, at The Royal Canadian Geographical Society's new headquarters at 50 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa on Oct. 19, 2018. (Photo: Ben Powless/Can Geo)
Michael Palin at 50 Sussex (Photo: Ben Powless)
The author, actor and member of Monty Python wrapped up the Canadian leg of his North American book tour with a sold-out show in Ottawa  
RCGS Resolute in Sydney, N.S.

The RCGS Resolute sails toward port in Sydney, N.S. (Photo: One Ocean Expeditions)

Photo: One Ocean Expeditions
One Ocean Expeditions celebrates the recommissioning of RCGS Resolute, the first vessel flagged for The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, in Cape Breton
RCGS Resolute in Paradise Bay, Antarctica

An artist's rendition of the new RCGS Resolute in Paradise Bay, Antarctica. (Illustration: One Ocean Expeditions)

Illustration: One Ocean Expeditions
Explore the features of the RCGS Resolute, the first vessel to be flagged for The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and learn more about the history behind the ship's name
Nathalie Lasselin, RCGS Fellows, diving, exploration

Nathalie Lasselin recently completed a 70-kilometre dive along the entire length of Montreal Island, part of her Urban Water Odyssey expedition to explore the St. Lawrence, test for pollutants and raise awareness of the critical importance of the river. Read on to see what a few of the Society’s other Fellows have been working on this year. (Photo: Nathalie Lasselin)

Photo: Nathalie Lasselin
From putting the “Canada” back in an iconic species’ name to studying a massive iceberg-calving Antarctic iceshelf, see what just a few of the RCGS’s Fellows have been working on in 2018
Artists Hilde Lambrechts, Kirstin Davidson and Kim Lulashnyk standing inside their Compass: Peace in All Directions art installation.

Artists (left to right) Hilde Lambrechts, Kirstin Davidson and Kim Lulashnyk stand among the ceramic roses, feathers, birds and fleur-de-lis sculptures they created for their art installation Compass: Peace in All Directions, to be decommissioned on Sept. 30. (Photo: The Ottawa Guild of Potters)

Photo: The Ottawa Guild of Potters
Ottawa art installation Compass: Peace in All Directions to be decommissioned and sold to the public this Sunday, Sept. 30
Mihell Nunavik expedition

Kim and Conor Mihell pose with The Royal Canadian Geographical Society flag during their summer 2018 expedition through Quebec's Nunavik region. (Photo: Conor Mihell)

Mihell Nunavik expedition
Recapping a Royal Canadian Geographical Society-funded canoe expedition into the windy wilderness of northern Quebec
A pair of whooping cranes in Wood Buffalo National Park

A pair of whooping cranes in their boreal wetland habitat in Wood Buffalo National Park, N.W.T. (Photo: Roberta Bondar)

Photo: Roberta Bondar
A new project by the Roberta Bondar Foundation aims to raise awareness of dangers to migratory birds
Zodiac, Baffin Island, Nova Zembla, ship wreck, discovery

Michael Moloney and Matthew Ayre return to One Ocean Expedition's Akademik Sergey Vavilov after discovering the wreckage of Nova Zembla on August 31. (Photo: Dave Sandford)

Photo: Dave Sandford
The wreck of the Nova Zembla — the first High Arctic whaling ship to be discovered — sheds light on a little-understood chapter of Canada’s past
Akademik Ioffe

A Zodiac ferries passengers from the grounded Akademik Ioffe to its sister ship Akademik Sergey Vavilov on Aug. 25, 2018.

Akademik Ioffe
Canadian Coast Guard heads to aid One Ocean Expeditions ship on Royal Canadian Geographical Society-partnered expedition 
RCGS founder Charles Camsell

Geologist, explorer and RCGS founder Charles Camsell, pictured here in an undated photo, was the first to officially map the Yukon’s Peel River watershed. This summer, Camsell’s great-grandson and great-nephew will retrace part of his journey on the territory’s wild rivers. (Photo: RCGS Archives)

Photo: RCGS Archives
Cousins David McGuffin and Terry Camsell relive their ancestor Charles Camsell’s first formal mapping expedition on the Peel River
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