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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is Canada’s Centre for Geography and Exploration, and one of the largest non-profit educational organizations in the nation.

Selma Barkham in 1982.

The historian and geographer filled in “a great gap” in Canadian history, from the time of Cartier to the arrival of Champlain

Julie Payette is the 29th Governor General of Canada. She was sworn in on Oct. 2, 2017. (Painting: Chris Cran)

Painting: Chris Cran
The tradition of viceregal patronage with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society dates back to 1929

Julie Payette est la 29 e personne à occuper le poste de gouverneur général du Canada. Elle a été assermentée le 2 octobre 2017. (Peinture de Chris Cran)

(Painting: Chris Cran)
La tradition du patronage vice-royal avec la Société géographique royale du Canada remonte à 1929

Commodore Josée Kurtz arrives on board Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Toronto in June 2019. (Photo: Ho. MCpl Manuela Berger/Canadian Armed Forces)

Photo: Ho. MCpl Manuela Berger/Canadian Armed Forces
The Royal Canadian Navy commodore came from humble beginnings in Joliette, Que. to command a standing NATO group
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Canadian historian and Oxford professor Margaret MacMillan's new book comes out in October. (Photo: Terrence McEachern/The Guardian)

Photo: Terrence McEachern/The Guardian
Margaret MacMillan's new book, War: How Conflict Shaped Us, comes out this October
roberta bondar attwater prairie chicken wildlife refuge

RCGS Honorary Vice-President Roberta Bondar’s Society-supported expedition on the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge aimed to bring awareness to the dangers faced by migratory birds. (Photo: Roberta Bondar Foundation)

Photo: Roberta Bondar Foundation
Since 1966, the number of Sprague’s pipits in the wild has declined by almost 80 per cent
Bill Lishman
The final instalment in our roundup of Canada’s 90 greatest explorers, these seven explorers harnessed the power of technology — or invented their own — to break new ground
Louie Kamookak by Robert Carter

Louie Kamookak. (Illustration: Robert Carter)

Illustration: Robert Carter
Part of our roundup of Canada’s 90 greatest explorers, these 15 explorers harnessed the power of storytelling to inspire others to discover and care for our world
Part of our roundup of 90 of Canada’s greatest explorers, these 17 explorers boldly went where few have dared
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