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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is Canada’s Centre for Geography and Exploration, and one of the largest non-profit educational organizations in the nation.

Photo: Geoff Coombs/Can Geo

Photo: Geoff Coombs/Can Geo
New program gives a huge boost to the next generation of explorers 
Emily Choy stands in front of artic ice and ocean wearing a yellow lifejacket, alongside three yellow kayaks

RCGS's new Explorer-in-Residence, Emily Choy. (Photo: Courtesy Emily Choy)

Photo: Courtesy Emily Choy
The Arctic researcher has a long association with the Society
Mary Simon, an Inuk leader and former Canadian diplomat, has been named Canada's Governor General.

Mary Simon, an Inuk leader and former Canadian diplomat, has been named Canada's Governor General. She spoke about her new role during the press conference at the Canadian Museum of History. (Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick)

Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
Simon becomes the first Indigenous person to assume the role
Four mountaineers stand on the summit of mount logan, canada

Rebecca Haspel, Toby Harper-Merrett, Alison Criscitiello and Zac Robinson on Mount Logan's summit, May 18, 2021. (Photo: Zac Robinson)

Photo: Zac Robinson
After being postponed a year due to COVID-19, the Mount Logan Ice Expedition made a successful summit of Canada’s highest peak.
'Come Walk With Us' was funded by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society Expedition Program, but is waiting for COVID-19 restrictions to lift before they get started. Here's what they do while they wait. 
Trudeau and the Trebeks

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Jean and Alex Trebek pose at the entrance to the Alex Trebek Theatre at the Royal Canadian Geographical Society's headquarters during the building's grand opening in May 2019. (Photo: Andrew Lessard)

Trudeau and the Trebeks
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Jean Trebek and Rear-Admiral Rebecca Patterson join the organization as Honorary Fellows

Canadians Pascale Marceau and Eva Capozzola reach the summit of Mount Lucania, Canada’s third tallest peak.

It was the third attempt at Canada’s third highest peak for the RCGS-funded team

(Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Buckingham Palace/The Associated Press)

Prince Philip is considered one of the first environmentalists

The 2019 Flag Expedition — Baffin Paddle/Climb Expedition.

Few RCGS-funded expeditions took place last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but many explorers found a way to  safely head afield in 2021
A drawing of Wade David with mountains, a river and a canoe in the background

Photo: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo

Photo: Kerry Hodgson/Can Geo
The anthropologist and Royal Canadian Geographical Society Honorary Vice-President on why Ealue Lake, B.C., is special
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