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Empty indoor mall with closed stores

Instead of waiting for suburban shopping malls to fail as they have in parts of the United States, developers and urban planners in Canada are encouraging their redevelopment into mixed-use spaces. (Photo: J M/Flickr)

Photo: J M/Flickr
As cities grapple with the challenge of redeveloping their first suburbs, malls could become the community spaces they were originally intended to be
George Jacob awarded The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Kamookak Medal, San Francisco, Aquarium of the Bay, climate change, ocean conservation

George Jacob, President and CEO of San Francisco’s Bay Ecotarium, has been awarded the Louie Kamookak Medal of the RCGS. (Left: Bay Ecotarium; right: RCGS)

Photos: (left) RCGS; (right) Bay Ecotarium
Museum expert recognized for transformative work in cultural institutions and leadership on the ambitious Bay Ecotarium project in San Francisco
Sylvia Maracle at the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres main office in Toronto

Sylvia Maracle, head of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres, wants to help correct the common misconception that all Indigenous Peoples only live in remote communities or on reserves. (Photo: Peter Power/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Peter Power/Canadian Geographic
Sylvia Maracle, executive director of the federation, discusses the organization’s past successes and challenging future ahead
Floe edge polar bear, Nunavut

A polar bear on the sea ice close to the floe edge at Button Point, on the southeast corner of Bylot Island, Nunavut. (Photo: Françoise Gervais/Arctic Kingdom)

Photo: Françoise Gervais/Arctic Kingdom
Welcome to the sinaaq, or floe edge, where landfast ice meets open Arctic Ocean and species thrive
David Saint-Jacques International Space Station

Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques looks through a window in the cupola of the International Space Station. (Photo: Canadian Space Agency/NASA)

Photo: Canadian Space Agency/NASA
The Canadian astronaut shares insights into life in zero-gravity as he orbits the planet aboard the International Space Station
Arctic Frontiers conference 2019

Aili Keskitalo, the president of the Sami Parliament of Norway, speaks at the "State of the Arctic" session at the Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromsø, Norway. (Photo: Terje Mortensen/Arctic Frontiers 2019)

Arctic Frontiers conference 2019
The uncertainty and change that's currently disrupting the region dominated the annual meeting's agenda
A painting of Alex Trebek

Illustration: Robert Carter/Canadian Geographic

Illustration: Robert Carter/Canadian Geographic
Messages of support have been pouring in for the beloved television personality and Honorary President of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Dayo, an African penguin, sits on a tabletop where actress Taylor Thorne, in character as Taylor West, is completing homework

A scene from the new CBC and Netflix drama Northern Rescue. Dayo, an African penguin who lives at the West Edmonton Mall, was tapped along with his brother Skadu to portray Tux, the West family’s unusual pet. Also pictured is Taylor Thorne, who plays the youngest West daughter. (Photo: Peter H. Stranks)

Photo: Peter H. Stranks
Meet the avian stars of Northern Rescue, the new family drama from CBC and Netflix 
CHARS, Canadian High Arctic Research Station, laboratories, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, North

The new Canadian High Arctic Research Station’s laboratories are now being phased into operation. (Photo: Janice Lang/DRDC-DND)

Photo: Janice Lang/DRDC-DND
What does it take to operate high-tech scientific facilities — including live-study growing chambers and necropsy, genomics and imaging labs — in Canada’s Arctic?
CHARS, Canadian High Arctic Research Station, laboratories, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, North

Les laboratoires de la nouvelle Station canadienne de recherche dans l’Extrême-Arctique sont en voie de mise en exploitation. (Photo : Janice Lang/RDDC-DND)

Photo : Janice Lang/DRDC-DND
Quels sont les éléments nécessaires pour exploiter les installations scientifiques de pointe, entre autres les chambres d’étude et d’autopsie, la génomique et les laboratoires d’imagerie, dans l’Arctique canadien? 
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