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banff national park
Banff Springs Hotel, Banff National Park, [Alta.]. Canada. National Parks Branch / Library and Archives Canada / PA-057239
These images from the first half of the 20th century show Canada's oldest national park when it was still young
Cates Park in North Vancouver
Photo: Braveheart [CC BY-SA 4.0]/Wikimedia Commons
RCGS research grantee Erin Hanson provides context to the federal government's approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project that will traverse Tsleil-Waututh Nation territory in Vancouver
Asbestos industry images from Canadian Geographic articles in the 1930s
Photos: Canadian Geographic archives
As Canada announces a total ban on asbestos, Canadian Geographic looks back at its early coverage of the ‘magic’ mineral, from the days when its dangers were unknown or ignored
Portrait of Viola Desmond
Photo: Winnipeg Free Press/Wikimedia Commons
The Bank of Canada has announced that Viola Desmond will become the first Canadian woman to be featured on a regularly circulating banknote in 2018
The most Christmassy place names in Canada
Map: Nick Walker/Canadian Geographic
'Tis the season for the country's winter wonderlands, jolly jurisdictions and seasonal spots.
Anishinaabe artist Mark Nadjiwan's work, For Seven Generations, featuring the gray jay
Artwork: Mark Nadjiwan; Photo: Steve Phillips/Can Geo Photo Club
Niigaan Sinclair, author and associate professor in the University of Manitoba's department of native studies, on why the gray jay is important to the Anishinaabe people.
Gordon Lightfoot illustration by Robert Carter for Canadian Geographic
Illustration: Robert Carter/Canadian Geographic
The 'Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' balladeer recalls his childhood exploits in Orillia, Ont. and the surrounding lake country
The Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Ontario
Photo courtesy The Cotton Factory
Art is now the hottest commodity in the city that steel built 
Women Ambulance Corps
Photo: Chinese Canadian Military Museum
Preserving and celebrating the history of Chinese Canadians in Canada’s Armed Forces
Allan Hawco in character for Frontier
Photo courtesy Discovery Canada
Discovery Canada's original drama portrays the struggle for wealth and power in 1700s Canada
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