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Trudeau and the Trebeks

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Jean and Alex Trebek pose at the entrance to the Alex Trebek Theatre at the Royal Canadian Geographical Society's headquarters during the building's grand opening in May 2019. (Photo: Andrew Lessard)

Trudeau and the Trebeks
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Jean Trebek and Rear-Admiral Rebecca Patterson join the organization as Honorary Fellows

This skull, known as Cranium 80, was formally documented on the western coast of Nunavut's King William Island in 1993, and was believed to belong to a member of the ill-fated Franklin expedition. Recent DNA testing definitively linked it to crewman John Gregory. (Photo: Andrew Gregg)

A new report has identified crewman of the previously unknown remains found on Nunavut's King William Island in 1993
A black-and-white photo of a film maker looks through the lens of his camera

This photograph of LeMay was taken while he was filming a day of dogsledding with a group of Métis Nation of Ontario youth near Sunshine, Ont. (Photo: Matt LeMay)

Photo: Courtesy of Matt LeMay
The new program affirms CanGeo's commitment to visual storytelling, supporting big ideas on the big screen
Mont Royal Park Montreal

Montreal's Mont Royal Park is part of the new Cornerstone national network of urban parks. (Photo: Javier Frutos/Can Geo)

Mont Royal Park Montreal
The first-of-its-kind partnership will bolster city parks at a time when Canadians need them most

The Trans Canada Trail, officially renamed The Great Trail in September 2016, is a cross-Canada system of greenways, waterways, and roadways. (Photo: The Great Trail)

Canadian Paralympians and Para athletes join the mission to increase trail accessibility across Canada
Michal Prywata, the Torontonian co-founder of Phantom Space Corporation on democratising space
Anna Smith was a bold climber who sought a life of spontaneity and freedom in wild places. After Smith's death in the Miyar Valley of India, her expedition partner Alison Criscitiello recalls the story of their friendship.

Photo: Rachel Idzerda/Can Geo

Photo: Rachel Idzerda/Can Geo
The former lawyer and now bestselling author on what made her Quebec summer camp experience unforgettable

Typical crawling passage on the way to Boon's sump. All diving equipment had to be moved though approximately one kilometre of cave passage is like this, a trip that took 5-6 hours. (Photo: Jason Lavigne)

Photo: Jason Lavigne
Go deep below the Columbia Icefield in Banff National Park to “the most inaccessible place in Canada” with the 2020 Castleguard Cave Expedition
National Wildlife Week honours Miner for his pioneer work in wildlife conservation
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