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Wanuskewin dance troupe
Photo: Tourism Saskatoon
Park elder Jake Sanderson talks about the Indigenous cultural site near Saskatoon
Steve, atmospheric phenomenon
Photo courtesy Vanexus Photography
It started as an in-joke among aurora enthusiasts, but the discovery of "Steve" is making waves in the atmospheric science community 
Tanya Tagaq, throat singing, Inuk, Inuit, Cambridge Bay
Photo: Katrin Braga
Be the first to watch the Inuk throat singer's video for "Nacreous," from her most recent album, Retribution
Photo: Jakub Richvalsky/Can Geo Photo Club
Vancouver ranked 10th in a list of the 100 of the best cities for young people to live in worldwide
Sarah McLachlan illustration by Camila Pacheco
Illustration: Camila Pacheco/Canadian Geographic
The renowned Canadian songstress waxes lyrical about her love for Tofino, B.C.
Demonstrators on Parliament Hill in 2012
Photo: Richard Webster
In the United States, the Trump administration has signaled its intention to ignore the scientific consensus on climate change, sparking a new protest movement 
Artist Toronto nature surrealism
Image: Mathew Borrett
Mathew Borrett's new exhibition, Hypnagogic City, depicts Hogtown in a parallel universe
David Attenborough with RCGS President Gavin Fitch
Photo: Paul Glen
Broadcasting legend honoured at Canada House in London, U.K. for lifelong contributions to advancing public awareness of geography
couple observes a waterfall in Yoho National Park
Photo: David Buhler/Canadian Geographic Photo Club
Canada outperforms all other G7 nations in new happiness ranking 
Photo courtesy Sir Christopher Ondaatje
The decorated author and explorer tells stories about the life and character of Britain's legendary broadcaster and naturalist
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