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The people, places, events and latest research of Canada’s subarctic and Arctic regions, one of the fastest-changing environments on Earth

In Ice Bear, Michael Engelhard untangles our complicated love/hate relationship with this iconic Arctic animal
Qausuittuq National Park
Photo: Marlis Butcher
In Canada's high Arctic, endangered Peary caribou now have a protected home
Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
Archaeologists may have finally located the historic vessel that disappeared 168 years ago in Canada's north
An engraving by George Back showing HMS Terror on its side in ice circa 1937
Image: Wikimedia Commons
The second of Sir John Franklin's doomed ships has been located in the Canadian Arctic. Here are five things you may not have known about the HMS Terror.
sir john franklin route arctic
Map: Thomas Herbreteau/Canadian Geographic
Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team is planning a reconnaissance mission of the HMS Erebus and will continue its search for HMS Terror at the end of August
kayaking Ellesmere Island
Photo: Jon Turk
Jon Turk shares an excerpt from his new book Crocodiles and Ice: A Journey into Deep Wild
maskwa nanook expedition paddling
Photo courtesy Maskwa Nanook
From boreal forest to the barren lands of the North, the Maskwa Nanook expedition aims to show Canada's remote landscapes to the world
A few weathered wooden houses are all that remain of the Moravian missionaries who settled the Labrador coast
Photo: Mike Elston/Canadian Geographic
Award-winning author Charlotte Gray explores the wild and fierce beauty of Canada's hidden coast
The “laboratory tent” and a plant press at the Arctic Flora Project research camp on the Soper River
Photo courtesy: J.M. Saarela/Canadian Museum of Nature
Scientists currently have little understanding of the impacts of climate change on Arctic flora, but a group of Canadian researchers is working to change that
La « tente laboratoire » et le presse-spécimen au camp de recherche du projet sur la flore  arctique (Arctic Flora Project) à la rivière Soper
Photo: J.M. Saarela – Musée canadien de la nature
Toutefois, nous avons des connaissances scientifiques limitées sur les plantes nordiques et l’incidence des changements climatiques sur la flore 
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