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The people, places, events and latest research of Canada’s subarctic and Arctic regions, one of the fastest-changing environments on Earth

The MV Martin Bergmann, floating research base for the marine ecosystem study
Photo: Adrian Schimnowski
Researchers are shedding new light on northern food webs and environments by connecting disciplines and local knowledge — even by using different ships
Photo : Adrian Schimnowski
Des chercheurs jettent une nouvelle lumière sur les réseaux alimentaires et les environnements nordiques en jumelant un éventail de disciplines et le savoir local — et même en ayant recours à des navires de type différent 
labrador snowshoe map
Photo: Jerry Kobalenko/Canadian Geographic; Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
Two pairs of snowshoes. 400 kilometres. A lot of frozen sandwiches.
In his sumptuously illustrated Lines in the Ice: Exploring the Roof of the World, Philip J. Hatfield assesses the impact of polar exploration on a region that continues to fascinate 
Still from the Kenojuak Ashevak Heritage Minute by Historica Canada
Image: Historica Canada
The latest Heritage Minute from Historica Canada profiles Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak and is the first to be produced in three different languages
In Ice Bear, Michael Engelhard untangles our complicated love/hate relationship with this iconic Arctic animal
Qausuittuq National Park
Photo: Marlis Butcher
In Canada's high Arctic, endangered Peary caribou now have a protected home
Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
Archaeologists may have finally located the historic vessel that disappeared 168 years ago in Canada's north
An engraving by George Back showing HMS Terror on its side in ice circa 1937
Image: Wikimedia Commons
The second of Sir John Franklin's doomed ships has been located in the Canadian Arctic. Here are five things you may not have known about the HMS Terror.
sir john franklin route arctic
Map: Thomas Herbreteau/Canadian Geographic
Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team is planning a reconnaissance mission of the HMS Erebus and will continue its search for HMS Terror at the end of August
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