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The people, places, events and latest research of Canada’s subarctic and Arctic regions, one of the fastest-changing environments on Earth

Science Minister Kirsty Duncan, Arctic, North, research, geology, climate change
Photo: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
On her first official visit to the Arctic as Science Minister, Kirsty Duncan drove home the importance of climate research, incorporating traditional knowledge, and funding for innovation and research
lake hazen ellesmere island
Photo: Ashley Dubnick/Can Geo Photo Club
Duncan will meet with climate change researchers and community leaders in Resolute, Nunavut
polar bear hunting in melt ponds
Photo: Gary Morgan/Can Geo Photo Club
Researchers suggest effects of climate change could increase number of attacks, which historically have been low
Mapping, atlas, Inuit, traditional knowledge, Carleton University, Nunavut, Clyde River, science, wildlife
Photo : Robert Kautuk
Lancés plus tard cette année à Clyde River (Nunavut), des atlas numériques des toponymes inuits, des habitats fauniques, des études scientifiques et de bien plus encore profitent déjà aux collectivités dans l’Arctique
Mapping, atlas, Inuit, traditional knowledge, Carleton University, Nunavut, Clyde River, science, wildlife
Photo: Robert Kautuk
Set to launch later this year in Clyde River, Nunavut, digital atlases of Inuit place names, wildlife habitat, scientific studies and more are already benefiting communities in the Arctic
canadian high arctic research station
Photo: Neil Ever Osborne/Canadian Geographic
Canadian Geographic Photographer-in-Residence Neil Ever Osborne shares his photos from the northern science hub
Canada Goose Arctic Gallery at Ottawa's Canadian Museum of Nature
Beyond Ice
Ottawa's Canadian Museum of Nature unveils its newest gallery, devoted to Canada's Far North
Len Vanderstar on Mount Nirvana June 2017
Len Vanderstar
Milestone in Canadian climbing community reached yesterday at Barbeau Peak, Nunavut
Photo: Emilie Goulet
A northern research expedition has been postponed until July due to unusually hazardous ice conditions
floe edge Mittimatalik Pond Inlet Nunavut Jill Heinerth
Photo: Jill Heinerth
"Arctic on the Edge" expedition will see the RCGS' Explorer-in-Residence document the life cycle of Arctic ice and gather Inuit testimony on climate change
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