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The best new gear to help you make the most of your time in the Canadian outdoors, whether hiking and camping, road-tripping, heading out on an expedition or researching in the field

jacket coat Columbia winter waterproof
Photo: Michela Rosano/Can Geo
Senior editor Harry Wilson tries out Columbia’s Outdry Ex Diamond Down Insulated Jacket
The Columbia Men’s OutDry Ex Diamond Heatzone Jacket.
Photo: Nick Walker/Can Geo
Editor Aaron Kylie calls the Men’s OutDry Ex Diamond Heatzone Jacket a "masterpiece"
The MEC Stride Jacket.
Photo: Nick Walker/Can Ge
Hitting the snowy pavement with the MEC Stride Jacket, MEC Bolt Toque and Columbia Castella Peak Striped Hoodie
Woman wearing winter boots on a snowy street
Photo: Alexandra Pope/Can Geo
Can Geo staff tested three styles of lightweight but warm winter boots 
Photo: Nick Walker/Canadian Geographic
Stay warm and fast with these toasty winter running tights and smartphone-capable gloves
Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger
Aaron Kylie/Canadian Geographic
Nonda’s ZUS Smart Car Charger can charge two high-wattage devices simultaneously and charges up to two times faster than the average car charger
Photo: Barebones Living
Here are the best items that were tested for our Gear Review series in 2016
Photo of the Alps in Chamonix, France
Photo: Javier Frutos/Canadian Geographic
The Nikon 1J5 camera is compact, lightweight and takes great photos
Women's Full Swing Cryder Jacket
Photo: Nick Walker/Canadian Geographic
Flexible, comfortable and durable, Carhartt’s Cryder Jacket fits its niche well
Barebones Forest LED Rechargeable Lantern
Photo: Barebones Living
The Barebones Forest LED Rechargeable Lantern blends a timeless design, modern features and sturdy practicality
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