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Follow Canada’s greatest explorers and adventurers as they travel to the remote corners of the country, deep beneath the Earth’s surface and across oceans, to the tops of mountains and into space.

A pair of whooping cranes in Wood Buffalo National Park

A pair of whooping cranes in their boreal wetland habitat in Wood Buffalo National Park, N.W.T. (Photo: Roberta Bondar)

Photo: Roberta Bondar
A new project by the Roberta Bondar Foundation aims to raise awareness of dangers to migratory birds
Zodiac, Baffin Island, Nova Zembla, ship wreck, discovery

Michael Moloney and Matthew Ayre return to One Ocean Expedition's Akademik Sergey Vavilov after discovering the wreckage of Nova Zembla on August 31. (Photo: Dave Sandford)

Photo: Dave Sandford
The wreck of the Nova Zembla — the first High Arctic whaling ship to be discovered — sheds light on a little-understood chapter of Canada’s past
A  carpet  of  orange  zoanthids,  red  coralline  encrusting  algae  (shallow  enough  for  algae),  Stylaster  sp.hydrocorals, and  encrusting  demosponges.

A carpet of orange zoanthids, red coralline encrusting algae, Stylaster hydrocorals, and encrusting demosponges on the SGaan Kinghlas-Bowie seamount off the coast of Haida Gwaii, B.C. (Photo: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Photo: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Expedition team calls for permanent protection of undersea mountain range
Man paddling canoe

Justin Barbour paddling Labrador’s Sandhill River on a 2017 expedition. This year, Barbour will once again explore the wilderness of the Labrador interior. (Photo courtesy Justin Barbour)

Photo courtesy Justin Barbour
Justin Barbour and his dog, Saku, will travel 1,700 kilometres from the North West River in Labrador across remote northern Quebec to the shores of Hudson Bay
RCGS founder Charles Camsell

Geologist, explorer and RCGS founder Charles Camsell, pictured here in an undated photo, was the first to officially map the Yukon’s Peel River watershed. This summer, Camsell’s great-grandson and great-nephew will retrace part of his journey on the territory’s wild rivers. (Photo: RCGS Archives)

Photo: RCGS Archives
Cousins David McGuffin and Terry Camsell relive their ancestor Charles Camsell’s first formal mapping expedition on the Peel River
Amundsen Gjoa 1903 Northwest Passage Inuit

Part of the Gjøa’s crew — Gustav Juel Wiik, Roald Amundsen, Peder Ristvedt and Anton Lund — on deck in the Northwest Passage. (Courtesy Fram Museum)

Courtesy Fram Museum
A foremost Amundsen expert shares some highlights from famed Norwegian explorer’s 1903-06 expedition to the North Pole 
Two divers scuba diving in a cave in the Bahamas

This image, taken in a cave in the Bahamas, is an example of cave diving in good conditions, says Jill Heinerth. “Nothing like the horrors they are experiencing in Thailand.” (Photo: Jill Heinerth)

Photo: Jill Heinerth
Expert cave diver and RCGS Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth explains the risks and challenges of rescuing a boys’ soccer team trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand
Conor and Kim Mihell in Nunavik

Conor and Kim Mihell on Rivière Guerin in August 2016 during a previous canoe expedition in Nunavik, Que. (Photo: Conor Mihell)

Conor and Kim Mihell in Nunavik
We aim to experience and share the vast, little-publicized wilderness of Nunavik, formerly known as Ungava
A scuba diver at a shipwreck in Fathom Five National Marine Sanctuary

Fathom Five National Marine Sanctuary in Tobermory, Ont. is a favourite hotspot for divers. (Photo: Underwater Canada)

Photo: Underwater Canada
Canada is rich in fresh water — but with great wealth comes great responsibility 
Chris Cran, RCGS, art, explore, explorers

Contemporary artist Chris Cran's newest series, EXPLORE, is on exhibit at 50 Sussex, Ottawa, until September (Image: RCGS)

Image: RCGS
A major portrait series by the acclaimed contemporary artist is now part of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s permanent collection
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