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Follow Canada’s greatest explorers and adventurers as they travel to the remote corners of the country, deep beneath the Earth’s surface and across oceans, to the tops of mountains and into space.

Photo: Marlis Butcher

Photo: Marlis Butcher
In her quest to visit and get to know the parks, Marlis Butcher canoed, kayaked, mountain biked, backpacked, hiked, snowshoed, snorkelled, and trekked by whatever means of travel she could devise
Everest by sunrise

Everest's North Face in evening light, with the Northeast Ridge climbing up the left-hand side. (Photo: Ralf Dujmovits)

Photo: Ralf Dujmovits
A century after a Canadian was instrumental in charting the world's highest peak, a fellow Canadian reflects on the magnetism of Everest

Hamish Harding's point of view from inside the DSV Limiting Factor. (Photo: Action Aviation (Challenger Deep))

Every dive into the abyss brings back important scientific data and reminds the world of the critical need for protecting the planet’s oceans
Polar bear Hudson Bay coast

A polar bear roams the northwest coast of Hudson Bay. (Photo: Martin Gregus)

Photo: Martin Gregus
Photographer Martin Gregus recounts his summer 2020 expedition to the western coast of Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba

Photo: Katie Graham

Photo: Katie Graham
Mt. Robson is not so much difficult as dangerous. It is no mountain to trifle with. - Newman Waffl 

A rendering of the Axiom station. (Photo: Axiom Space)

Photo: Axiom Space
The investor and philanthropist will be Canada’s 11th astronaut
Explorer-In-Residence Jill Heinerth's newest book encourages kids to reach for the stars

Space is increasingly congested, contested and competitive. (Photo: Canadian Space Agency)

Photo: Canadian Space Agency
Michel Doyon, manager of flight and systems operations at the Canadian Space Agency, walks us through what space debris is and its impact on Canada
A diver takes photos of a coral reef underwater
Photo: Eduardo Baena/Can Geo Photo Club
Based on the film documentary of the same name, The Third Dive looks to expose the circumstances around Rob Stewart's untimely death.

Gordon Osinski clarifies what finding water on the Moon really means. (Photo: Chris Cullen/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Chris Cullen/Can Geo Photo Club
Western University professor takes a look at recent discoveries and their importance
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