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Follow Canada’s greatest explorers and adventurers as they travel to the remote corners of the country, deep beneath the Earth’s surface and across oceans, to the tops of mountains and into space.

Live feed shows two astronauts working to upgade the station's power system
people and beluga whales arctic
Photo: Nansen Weber
Drone videographer Nansen Weber shares his latest effort from the Canadian Arctic
arctic research baffin island
Photo: Shawna-lee Masson/Canadian Geographic Photo Club
Enter the Photos from the Field: Working in Canada's North Photo Competition for a chance to win great prizes!
labrador snowshoe map
Photo: Jerry Kobalenko/Canadian Geographic; Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
Two pairs of snowshoes. 400 kilometres. A lot of frozen sandwiches.
Rock climber Kevin Jorgeson scales the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto on October 26.
Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic
American climber scaled the Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto October 26
Photo: Wade Davis
Over his long career as an anthropologist, writer and explorer, Wade Davis has taken an impressive collection of photos. Here's the story behind a few of his self-selected best. 
The escapist Nepal Earthquake Gabriel Filippi
Photo courtesy of the author
In new memoir The Escapist, Canadian mountaineer Gabriel Filippi details his most extreme adventures and tragedies
Amelia Earhart; a Klondike Gold Rush poster; the Moon landing
Images courtesy HarperCollins/NASA
Authors Mark Steward and Alan Greenwood on the great men and women whose daring exploits inspire us to explore
The French town of Chamonix as seen from the top of the Vertical Kilometre
Photo: Jerry Kobalenko
Testing Columbia Sportswear's newest gear in the birthplace of mountain climbing 
An engraving by George Back showing HMS Terror on its side in ice circa 1937
Image: Wikimedia Commons
The second of Sir John Franklin's doomed ships has been located in the Canadian Arctic. Here are five things you may not have known about the HMS Terror.
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