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Great Lakes pollution
Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
From pollution to invasive species, this map charts the extent to which people have affected one of the world's greatest sources of freshwater
David Attenborough with RCGS President Gavin Fitch
Photo: Paul Glen
Broadcasting legend honoured at Canada House in London, U.K. for lifelong contributions to advancing public awareness of geography
Photo courtesy Sir Christopher Ondaatje
The decorated author and explorer tells stories about the life and character of Britain's legendary broadcaster and naturalist
A humpback whale breaches in the Broughton Archipelago
Photo: Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures
Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures brings you face-to-face with the wildlife in one of North America's most biodiverse marine areas
james bay lowlands ring of fire
Photo: Garth Lenz/Canadian Geographic
The James Bay Lowlands contain both environmentally crucial peatlands and one of the largest potential mineral reserves in Canada 
Blue whale skeleton on display at Royal Ontario Museum
Photo courtesy Royal Ontario Museum
Exhibit tells the tale of a rare blue whale that washed up dead in Newfoundland in 2014, offering new insights on Earth's largest animal
Gorge Falls Appleton Canyon Sunshine Coast Trail
Photo: Ashley Paquette/Can Geo Photo Club
Explore an interactive map of the absurdly scenic 180-kilometre trail, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary
Greater sage grouse
Photo: Snowmanradio/Wikimedia Commons
Biologists wanted to know what Canadians would be willing to sacrifice in the name of conservation
Andrew Gunadie, aka Gunnarolla
The Canadian YouTube sensation takes us into the heart of an unexpectedly charming maritime city
Rosalynn Carter, Arthur Milnes, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and RCGS CEO John Geiger
Photo: Bobby Ellis/Canadian Geographic
Medal honours the former President's role in expanding the U.S. national parks system and work with Habitat for Humanity
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