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Freshwater map of Canada by Chris Brackley of Canadian Geographic
Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
Canada is home to one-fifth of the world's fresh water. Here's what that looks like
Paul Gleeson aboard the Arctic Joule
In his new book, Rowing the Northwest Passage, Canadian adventurer Kevin Vallely recounts his 2013 attempt to transit the famous Arctic route  
caribou in nunavut
Photo: Elaine Kennedy/Can Geo Photo Club
Habitat loss, pollution, climate change have all contributed to steep declines of some species since 1970 
Ry Moran at 50 Sussex Drive
Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic
The director of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation reflects on Indigenous progress in 2017 and looks ahead to 2067
Photo: Thomas Hall
Matawa Learning Centre pilots a Grade 12 experiential education course that teaches indigenous youth about water safety and leadership while traveling along traditional canoe routes
Photo: DarrenRD/Wikimedia Commons
Researchers at the University of Alberta have trained a "self-organizing map" to identify high-risk days for fires 
Tilley Paddler's Hat, niagara falls, waterproof, ontario
Photo: Genevieve Taylor/Canadian Geographic
From Niagara's fury to suburban soccer pitches, the iconic Tilley Hat keeps you cool, dry and shaded from the sun
Bald eagle, nest, environment, science, scientist, Besnard Lake, Saskatchewan, Jon Gerrard, Elston Dzus
Photo: Elston Dzus
Jon Gerrard and Elston Dzus lead a now 50-year study of a thriving population of bald eagles in northern boreal Saskatchewan. Here they talk about the longevity of the research, key discoveries, the challenges of climbing trees and more.
yersin boat
Photo: Monaco Explorations/Olivier Borde
The vessel integrates clean environmental technologies to ensure a minimal impact on the ocean
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