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In Canada, 3.3 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced per year. (Photo: Angela Compagnone/Unsplash)

Photo: Angela Compagnone/Unsplash
Doing your part as an eco-conscious consumer doesn’t end once you buy a bioplastic product

A grizzly bear in Bute Inlet, B.C. (Photo: Homalco Cultural Tours)

Photo: Homalco Cultural Tours
Remote locations and international clientele make the industry particularly vulnerable

Photo: Anton Flaco/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Anton Flaco/Can Geo Photo Club
The comet passed close to Earth in mid-July, giving stargazers and photographers amazing photo opportunities
Bird sits on rock

(Photo: Macaulay Library by Andrew Spencer)

The decrease in human activity could be the reason
grass and water stretches out to a treeline with mountains behind

(Photo: Ryan Dickie/Can Geo Photo Club)

Wayne Sawchuk's latest book recounts his transformation from a logger and trapper into an ardent conservationist
Some of our favourite shots of monarch butterflies from the Can Geo Photo Club in honour of the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz
Beetle on bark

Mountain pine beetles pose a large threat to trees in Western Canada as they bore through the bark and lay their eggs. (Photo: @milehightravele/Getty Images)

Photo: Getty Images
Since the 1990s, mountain pine beetles have invaded more than 18 million hectares of forest in Western Canada. Researchers now have a better understanding of how this is done. 

A view of Calgary from a park near the city. (Photo: Lisa Bourgeault/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Lisa Bourgeault/Can Geo Photo Club
The 2020 Canadian City Parks Report looks at challenges and opportunties for Canada's parks under a COVID-19 lens
Woman on a stand up paddleboard

Rochelle Byrne, 33, paddles out from Kingston on July 1 to start her trek. (Photo: Chelsea Brash)

Photo: Chelsea Brash
Rochelle Byrne is paddleboarding 420 kilometres along the shores of Lake Ontario to raise awareness about pollution that has infiltrated the lake

Arlyn Charlie at Abe Stewart’s fish camp. (Photo: Jordan Stewart)

Photo: Jordan Stewart
What can we learn when western science and traditional knowledge intersect?
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