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Map of Canada's Great Trail
Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
Formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail, the Great Trail celebrates the country's natural splendour and will be nearly 24,000 kilometres when fully connected by the end of 2017
A monarch butterfly on a flower
Photo: Cathy Simard/Can Geo Photo Club
New data could help coordinate conservation efforts across three countries
light pillars in North Bay, Ont. January 2017
Photo: Timmy Joe Elzinga
They may look like a science-fiction special effect, but the reality of this phenomenon is even more fascinating
map of Canada's biggest earthquakes
Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
A recent earthquake in Nunavut has drawn attention to Canada's surprising seismic zones
J-2 "Granny" orca whale
Photo: Gary Sutton/Steveston Seabreeze Adventures
Granny, whose official name was J-2, was last seen October 12, 2016 and is presumed dead
people and beluga whales arctic
Photo: Nansen Weber
Drone videographer Nansen Weber shares his latest effort from the Canadian Arctic
A researcher samples subterranean water deep in a mine near Timmins, Ont.
Photo courtesy Oliver Warr/University of Toronto
Two-billion-year-old water held deep in Earth's crust could hold clues to life on other planets
Night monkeys in the Amazon Rainforest
Photo: Neil Ever Osborne
Photographer-In-Residence Neil Ever Osborne on the role of online photo-sharing communites in the conservation movement
Cates Park in North Vancouver
Photo: Braveheart [CC BY-SA 4.0]/Wikimedia Commons
RCGS research grantee Erin Hanson provides context to the federal government's approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project that will traverse Tsleil-Waututh Nation territory in Vancouver
Asbestos industry images from Canadian Geographic articles in the 1930s
Photos: Canadian Geographic archives
As Canada announces a total ban on asbestos, Canadian Geographic looks back at its early coverage of the ‘magic’ mineral, from the days when its dangers were unknown or ignored
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