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Gotsǝ́ mı̨́ “spider web” in sunlight. Photo: Jean Polfus

Gotsǝ́ mı̨́ (Dene meaning “spider net”) in sunlight. (Photo: Jean Polfus)

Photo: Jean Polfus
The spider's web is the perfect metaphor for the interconnections between species, people and place
Arctic, sea ice, Hudson Bay, scientist, environment, climate change

Peter Kattuk (left) and Daniel Qavvik on the lookout for belugas trapped in a polynya near Sanikiluaq, Nunavut. They are part of the Arctic Eider Society's Community-Driven Research Network and a broader collective of hunters, scientists and organizations working to better understand how the Hudson Bay environment is changing. (Photo: Joel Heath/Arctic Eider Society)

Photo: Joel Heath/Arctic Eider Society
Inuit hunters and scientists are collaborating to record recent alarming shifts in Hudson Bay sea ice
Arctic, sea ice, Hudson Bay, scientist, environment, climate change

Peter Kattuk (à gauche) et Daniel Qavvik sont à la recherche de bélugas piégés dans une polynie près de Sanikiluaq, au Nunavut. Ils font partie du réseau de recherche collectif de la Société des Eiders de l’Arctique et d’une communauté plus vaste de chasseurs, de scientifiques et d’organismes travaillant afin de mieux comprendre comment l’environnement de la baie d’Hudson se transforme. (Photo : Joel Heath/Arctic Eider Society)

Photo : Joel Heath/Arctic Eider Society
Des chasseurs inuits et des scientifiques collaborent pour consigner de récents changements alarmants dans la glace de mer dans la baie d’Hudson
Sea ice on Frobisher bay

Sea ice on Frobisher Bay, Nunavut. (Photo: Fiona Paton/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Fiona Paton/Can Geo Photo Club
I set out to create a historical documentation of the Arctic in musical form. In the process, I found myself developing a spiritual connection with the environment. 
a mosaic of people trying Crickstart products

A mosaic, created by Montreal-based food company Crickstart, showing people trying their cricket products. (Image courtesy Crickstart)

Image courtesy Crickstart
Nutritious and ecologically friendly, crickets might just be the food of the future
Pascale Marceau and Lonnie Dupre on a previous expedition in Alaska

Pascale Marceau and Lonnie Dupre pictured on a previous expedition in Alaska. The duo hope to become the first team to summit Canada's third-highest mountain in the winter. (Photo courtesy Pascale Marceau and Lonnie Dupre)

Photo courtesy Pascale Marceau and Lonnie Dupre
Lonnie Dupre and Pascale Marceau could become the first to summit Canada’s third-highest peak in winter 
Plains bison with their calves in banff national park

Plains bison with their calves in an enclosed pasture in Banff National Park, Alta. A five-year, $6.4-million project by Parks Canada hopes to re-establish the iconic species in part of their historic northern range. (Photo: Niki Wilson)

Photo: Niki Wilson
Nearly wiped out in Alberta in the 1800s, plains bison are making a historic return to Banff National Park 
Mountains, sea ice in Nunavut's Sirmilik National Park

The mountains on Borden Peninsula in Nunavut's Sirmilik National Park, one of eight proposed candidates for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. (Photo courtesy Parks Canada)

Photo courtesy Parks Canada
A look at the fascinating sites Parks Canada has proposed for UNESCO World Heritage Site designation
grizzly bear on train tracks in Banff National Park

A grizzly bear walks the CP rail line in Banff National Park. Research has shown the bears are drawn to the tracks to feed on spilled grain and carrion — an easy meal that comes with inherent risk. (Photo: Angeline Haslett/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Angeline Haslett/Can Geo Photo Club
Wildlife is figuring out that human infrastructure helps with the hunt
Filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril on the sea ice in Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril on the sea ice in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Arnaquq-Baril's award-winning documentary 'Angry Inuk' aims to dispel misconceptions about the seal hunt in Canada. (Photo: Qajaaq Ellsworth)

Photo: Qajaaq Ellsworth
Award-winning documentary will have its Canadian TV premiere on CBC this weekend
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