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Map: Jennifer Johnston

Charting “Hope Spots” critical to the health of our planet’s oceans
The founder of Canopy speaks about winning this prestigious award
9 people stand with shovels as if at a groundbreaking ceremony

Construction is already underway at the new plant. (Photo: Enbridge)

Photo: Enbridge
This facility will aid in the reduction of greenhouse gases in Canada

Megan Leslie, who has been involved in environmental conservation since she was a teen, has served as president and CEO of WWF Canada since 2017.

Leslie spoke with Canadian Geographic about leaving politics and her work with WWF
The animated short film called Last Fish, First Boat recounts the 1992 cod moratorium
Works of fiction can be the starting point for much-needed conversations about sustainable solutions to complex issues

Social media posts about extreme weather events can be useful for crisis responders and scientists. (Photo: Anton Falco/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Anton Falco/Can Geo Photo Club
Artificial intelligence combines with social-media analysis to inform first responders and scientists

Photo: Nick Hawkins

Photo: Nick Hawkins
The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science kicks off Feb. 3, 2021

Graphic: Kat Barquiero/Can Geo

  What becomes of the stuff we send up into space? And where does it go when it comes back down again?

Photo: Steve Owen/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Steve Owen/Can Geo Photo Club
A Nature Conservancy Canada poll finds spending time in nature is more important than ever
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