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Canada Goose Arctic Gallery at Ottawa's Canadian Museum of Nature
Beyond Ice
Ottawa's Canadian Museum of Nature unveils its newest gallery, devoted to Canada's Far North
the young male beluga swimming the Nepisiguit River
Marine Animal Response Society
This first of its kind collaboration led to the rescue of baby beluga in Nepisiguit River
Banana slug, video of the week, time-lapse, British Columbia, Canada, wildlife
Photo: Shutterjet/Facebook
This video of a Pacific banana slug dispatching a dandelion is the surprise "cute" viral nature video of the week 
Photo: Emilie Goulet
A northern research expedition has been postponed until July due to unusually hazardous ice conditions
Bubblegum pink coral
Photo: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
First of two summer expeditions that will livestream deep-ocean exploration set off for Gulf of Maine today
Lancaster Sound map
Lancaster Sound National Marine Conservation Area map
Two visions of the landmark proposed marine protected region
Photo: John Cavers/Can Geo Photo Club
The projects, all led by young women, range in theme from camping to climate change mitigation
Photo: Madeleine Guenette/Can Geo Photo Club
A new study predicts warmer temperatures could diversify the province's grapes, but many Quebec vintners are skeptical
crickets, insects
Photo: Takeaway/Wikimedia Commons
In his new book, Canadian author and epidemiologist David Waltner-Toews explores our conflicted relationship with insects
Antarctic greening, Antarctic Peninsula, climate change
Photo courtesy of Matt Amesbury
Microbes and mosses have demonstrated rapid growth in the last 50 years
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