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Photo: Richard Webster
Recent challenges to evidence-based policy in Canada and the United States highlight a need for more transparency and advocacy for government scientists, study authors say
Science Minister Kirsty Duncan, Arctic, North, research, geology, climate change
Photo: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
On her first official visit to the Arctic as Science Minister, Kirsty Duncan drove home the importance of climate research, incorporating traditional knowledge, and funding for innovation and research
polar bear hunting in melt ponds
Photo: Gary Morgan/Can Geo Photo Club
Researchers suggest effects of climate change could increase number of attacks, which historically have been low
Snapping turtle by roadside
Photo: Sylvian Champagne/Can Geo Photo Club
The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre has treated some 650 injured turtles this year, mostly as a result of motor vehicle impacts
November 2016 larsen C ice rift
Photo: John Sonntag/NASA
The iceberg is one of the largest on record, measuring 5,800 square kilometres with a volume twice that of Lake Erie
Humboldt flying squirrel resting on tree
Photo: Nick Kerhoulas
North America now has three distinct species of flying squirrel
Forest fire started by lightning strike
Photo courtesy of Randi Jandt
Future ignitions may increase carbon emissions and accelerate the boreal forest’s northern expansion 
American black bear sitting in tree
Photo: Visual Exposures
Recent aquisitions in Kenauk and Lake Superior highlight the growing number of protected lands in Canada
(Photo courtesy Roberta Bondar)
The former astronaut also happens to be an amazing photographer, and is using her talents to raise interest in Canada's wild spaces
Photo: NOAA/Wikimedia Commons
Population of the endangered whale estimated at 525 
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