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Exploring Canada’s changing energy landscape: renewable energy potential, reserves, infrastructure and sustainable energy innovation.

Book cover of "The Day the World Stops Shopping" alongside author J.B. MacKinnon

Book cover: Courtesy Penguin Random House Canada; Headshot: Marina Dodis.

Book cover: courtesy Penguin Random House Canada; Headshot: Marina Dodis
From economy to ecology, J.B. MacKinnon's creative work of non-fiction explores what the world would look like if we could just stop shopping  
Tidal energy infrastructure

(Photo: Courtesy Sustainable Marine Energy)

Tidal energy infrastructure
Part two of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster: A six-part series

Steam rising from the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station in Iceland. (Photo: Gretar Ívarsson)

Photo: Gretar Ívarsson
From electric vehicles to geothermal energy, our focus is on reducing emissions by 2050

Electric utilities will often cut off power to prevent equipment from starting wildfires during hot, windy weather. (Photo: Rich Pedroncelli/AP)

Photo: Rich Pedroncelli/AP
More than 430,000 kilometres of transmission lines crisscross North America
PLAT-I tidal energy platform in Grand Passage, May 2019

Technicians work on the tidal energy platform PLAT-I in the Grand Passage near Westport, N.S. in May 2019. (Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic
In the Bay of Fundy, technicians are putting a groundbreaking new tidal technology through its paces
Toronto eastern waterfront

A view of Toronto's eastern waterfront, where the Quayside neighbourhood will be developed. (Photo: Quayside Toronto)

Photo: Quayside Toronto
Urbanist Robin Mazumder reviews Quayside, the new ‘smart’ neighbourhood on Toronto’s eastern waterfront
Aurora borealis light up the night over Waterbury Lake in northern Saskatchewan

Aurora borealis light up the night over Waterbury Lake in northern Saskatchewan. The much-mythologized phenomenon is the only visual evidence we have of the powerful force that helped create our modern world — and could easily bring it down. (Photo: Ezra Meszaros/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Ezra Meszaros/Can Geo Photo Club
In this exclusive excerpt from her new book 'The Spinning Magnet,' Alanna Mitchell explains why we should know and care about Earth's electromagnetic field 
Map by chris brackley

A map showing current mining claims on Treaty 9 territory in Ontario's Ring of Fire. The provincial government announced this week that it will construct all-weather roads to finally open up the region to resource extraction. (Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic)

Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
The James Bay Lowlands in northern Ontario contain one of the largest potential mineral reserves in Canada. Now, the region’s economy and environment stand on the brink of massive transformation.
View of world's shipping routes

This incredible visualization of the world's shipping routes was created based on UCL Energy Institute data. Filters on the website allow you to view routes, ports, and colour-coded types of ships. (Map: Kiln)

Map: Kiln
Interactive data visualization illustrates the incredible number of ships criss-crossing the world's oceans at any given time
Canadian university students win award at Shell Eco-marathon Americas

Students from the University of Ottawa's Supermileage uOttawa team celebrate their Off-Track Communications Award at the Shell Eco-marathon Americas. (Photo: Bryan Mitchell/AP Images for Shell)

Photo: Bryan Mitchell/AP Images for Shell
A Canadian team took the top spot for most fuel-efficient vehicle and another won the Off-Track Communications Award
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