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Canadian Geographic Education creates classroom materials, runs programs and works with teachers to raise geographic literacy and spark a lifelong curiosity about Canada among the country’s students.

jill heinerth, explorer-in-residence, b.c., education tour
Photo courtesy of Explorer-in-Residence Student Photographers
Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth is in British Columbia this week visiting schools and talking about her experiences as a diver
Charlene Bearhead
Photo: Tony Hillier
The Education Lead for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation on moving from apology to action in Canada’s 150th year  
Vimy Ridge giant floor map is displayed at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Photo: Colin Rowe/Canadian Geographic
Canadian Geographic Education and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society unveil new tools to help students explore the legacy of the Great War
Classroom Energy Diet Challenge
(Photo: Classroom Energy Diet Challenge)
Attention teachers! Sign up now for the CEDC, the only energy literacy competition in Canada where students K-12 compete for more than 100 prizes worth a total $40,000!
canada's coolest school trip
Photo: Jessica Finn/Canadian Geographic
Tell every teacher and grade 8/secondaire 2 class about this amazing and educational travel opportunity
air cadet Richard Knopp with sopwith pup
Photo: Carlo Ricci/Canadian Geographic
The Wings of Courage project showcases the various roles Canada's early aviators played during the Great War
A map showing Greenland's actual size compared to its Mercator projection portrayal
Map: James Talmage and Damon Maneice/The True Size Of
The True Size map lets users compare countries by their actual size in square kilometres 
Canadian Geographic Challenge
Photo: Dave Trattles/Canadian Geographic
Relive the excitement of these geography whiz kids battling it out in Ottawa
Wings of Courage biplanes
Photo: Carlo Ricci/Canadian Geographic
Wings of Courage, the second installment of the A Nations Soars trilogy, has launched
Jill Heinerth cave diving
Photo courtesy Jill Heinerth
This year the renowned cave diver became the first explorer to officially represent The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Here, in her own words, Heinerth talks adventure.
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