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A collection of our reporting on the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Man sneezes and expels droplets into air

Photo: James Gathany, Brian Judd, USCDCP

Photo: James Gathany, Brian Judd, USCDCP
Public health measures aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 have also reduced transmission of flu — but this is not the year to blow off your annual flu shot
Toronto photography teacher
Photo credit: Colin O'Connor
Teacher shares students' photo series reflecting their pandemic experience in Toronto, Ont.

Photo: Justine Ammendolia

The mismanagement of personal protective equipment waste is contributing to environmental degradation
Students sitting on Can Geo Education's Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada Giant Floor Map.

Students take their learning outside the classroom with Can Geo Education's Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada Giant Floor Map. (Photo: Tyrone Power)

Photo: Tyrone Power
Across Canada, teachers are getting creative with their methods and approaches in the classroom to overcome challenges imposed by COVID-19

Individually-tagged Lasius niger queen (1.6mm tag) and workers (0.7mm tags). (Photo: Timothée Brütsch/University of Lausanne)

Photo: Timothée Brütsch/University of Lausanne
While we struggle to implement coordinated responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, many species show extreme commitment — even sacrifice

Avian cholera is a highly contagious disease that has produced rapid population loss in Northern common eiders. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Photo: Shutterstock
To wildlife disease ecologists, an ideal place to test ideas about herd immunity is Mitivik Island, Nunavut
An underground, dark, tunnel

Photo: Martin Brechtl/Unsplash

Photo: Martin Brechtl/Unsplash
Sewage testing can be used for early detection of disease

Half a million sharks could be killed to make the COVID-19 vaccine. (Photo: Albert Kok/Wikimedia Commons)

Photo: Albert Kok/Wikimedia Commons
Squalene, a compound found in shark liver oil, is a common ingredient used in vaccines to boost the body’s immune response 

Hospital rooms built in shipping containers can be used to help address bed shortages and hospital waiting lists. (Photo: Fero International Inc.)

Photo: Fero International Inc.
The portable hospital rooms made by Hamilton, Ont.-based company, Fero International, may aid in the frontline response to COVID-19

Researcher Paul Villeneuve has serious problems with some of the scientific studies published during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo: Virginia McDonald/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Virginia McDonald
Two Canadian researchers studied the studies to see if the science was sound
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