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The latest photos and news from Canadian Geographic's social media and photography communities. 

These 10 photos from @CanGeoTravel's Instagram community will inspire you to book your next holiday closer to home
The air up here might hurt your face, but the views are worth it 
There's a reason photographers call it the "magic hour" 
Among hundreds of entries, these five images stood out for the way they portrayed different aspects of The Great Trail
Wintry scenes from Can Geo's Instagram community

Wintry scenes from Can Geo's Instagram community.

This week, we embrace the coming season and showcase Canada as a winter wonderland
10 destinations to add to your must-see list, as captured by @CanGeoTravel's editors and Instagram community
auroras northern lights collage

Photos of the northern lights from Can Geo's Instagram community.

A roundup of the best photos of the northern lights submitted to our hashtag this week
composite of autumn photos canada

Here are 10 of the best photos uploaded to Canadian Geographic's Photo Club in October. Scroll down to see the full versions. 

From misty mornings to bright fall foliage, these photos highlight the beauty of the season
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