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Tori, in her canoe, smiles back towards the camera across glistening blue water

Tori runs workshops to empower women to get out into the backcountry, under their own paddles (Photo: Cobi Sharpe).

Photo: Cobi Sharpe
Part of our Colour the Trails series

Kindar and Guy McNamee motivate eachother to keep improving their climbing (Photo: Wayne Takashiba, courtesy of Guy McNamee)

Photo: Wayne Takashiba
Part of our Colour the Trails series

Megan Leslie, who has been involved in environmental conservation since she was a teen, has served as president and CEO of WWF Canada since 2017.

Leslie spoke with Canadian Geographic about leaving politics and her work with WWF
Climber makes wide step over crevasse

(Photo courtesy of Cassie Ayoungman)

Photo courtesy of Cassie Ayoungman
Part of our Colour the Trails series
Mountain goats walk on the side of a snowy highway

Photo: Catherine Page/@catherineeva

Photo: Catherine Page/@catherineeva
Handpicked shots of Canada's beauty from our Can Geo photo community on Instagram

Photo: Sara Kempner

As part of our re:Location project, we saw hundreds of entries to our photo competition. Here are the top three.
‘Paykiiwikay,’ which is Michif for “come and visit,” takes listeners on a journey through Métis communities around the province of Saskatchewan
Fall trees reflect on a blue lake

Photo: Evgeny Chertov/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Evgeny Chertov/Can Geo Photo Club
Showcasing this year's most-loved photos from Can Geo's Photo Club
The exterior of the Hudson's Bay Department Store in Winnepeg

Photo: Trevor Brine/CBC

Photo: Trevor Brine/CBC
The Bay department store in downtown Winnipeg will close in early 2021
Author Emma Donoghue’s novel about the 1918 pandemic offers up many parallels to our 2020 pandemic experience
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