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A Japanese Canadian Group Portrait in Front of the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver, 1909

A Japanese Canadian group portrait in front of the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver, 1909. (Photo courtesy of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre). MHSO-JAP-201097-654.tif.

Photo courtesy of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Dora Nipp, CEO of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, reflects on the importance of chronicling migrant, ethnic and Indigenous stories as an essential means to understanding Canada in the 20th century and beyond

Omar Mouallem’s new book, Praying to the West, explores the unknown history of Islam across the Americas. (Author photo: Aaron Pedersen)

Author photo: Aaron Pedersen
Omar Mouallem, author of Praying to the West: How Muslims Shaped the Americas, looks at why an unshakeable faith in Canada’s multiculturalism project — common amongst the generation of Muslim immigrants who arrived in the ’70s — is not always shared by those who have migrated in the last 20 years, and is rarely felt by their children

A still image from “Can I just call you Sue?”, a short film by Soo Kyung Min exploring the pressure to conform as a new immigrant to Canada. (Image: Soo Kyung Min)

Image: Soo Kyung Min
Professor Anna Triandafyllidou reflects on a digital storytelling project that saw 28 graduate students from across Canada answer the question: Who am I?
Canadian Geographic publisher Gilles Gagnier

Canadian Geographic publisher and Royal Canadian Geographical Society COO Gilles Gagnier, 1969-2021

Canadian Geographic publisher Gilles Gagnier
The publisher of Canadian Geographic and COO (and Fellow) of our parent the Royal Canadian Geographical Society lost suddenly at age 51.
Elizabeth Dowdeswell presented Louie Kamookak Medal

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, is presented the Royal Canadian Geographical Society's Louie Kamookak Medal on July 29, 2021, by Society CEO John Geiger, Vice-President Wendy Cecil, Governor Janis Peleshok and Treasurer John Hovland. (Photo: Tom Sandler/Can Geo)

Elizabeth Dowdeswell presented Louie Kamookak Medal
Ontario Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell and artist Sylvain Voyer recognized for their contributions to making Canada's geography better known

Para athlete Ben Brown maps the Western Loop - Harvest Moon Trailway in Wolfville, NS (Photo: Paul Darrow)

Phase One of Trans Canada Trail accessibility mapping project complete thanks to para athletic power
A woman dressed in fishing gear and a blue-green coat holds a fishing rod over her shoulders in a river

Demiesha Dennis is a voice to listen to on changing the narrative and landscape of the outdoors. (Photo: courtesy of Demiesha Dennis)

Photo: courtesy of Demiesha Dennis
Part of our ongoing Colour the Trails series
four inuit women stand on the shore showcasing their tattoos

A family of two generations comes together to showcase their traditional tattoos. Left to right: Jacqueline Lafrance, Tammy Omilgoetok, Bessie Pihuak Omilgoetok and Geneviève Lafrance.

Photo: Denise Peterson
Inuit tattoos, or kakiniit, were once banned. Now they are worn with pride.
Dundas street sign with stop light and stop sign

Toronto City Council have voted to rename Dundas Street — one of many place name changes in Canada. (Photo: george socka/iStock)

Photo: george socka/iStock
The history behind the Dundas name change and how Canadians are reckoning with place name changes across the country — from streets to provinces
Illustration of Peter Mansbridge and the Northwest Passage

Peter Mansbridge at the Northwest Passage. (Illustration: Jacqui Oakley/Can Geo)

Illustration: Jacqui Oakley/Can Geo
The retired news anchor recalls the emotions he felt while sailing through the Northwest Passage
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