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Stories from Canada's sesquicentennial year.

Cite Memoire projection art in Montreal

Cite Memoire projection art in Montreal. (Photo: Jean-Francois Gratton/ShootStudio.ca)

Photo: Jean-Francois Gratton/ShootStudio.ca
In celebration of the city's 375th anniversary, Montreal is featuring one of the largest projection art installations in the world
Canadian Geographic Education's Vimy Ridge trench map in Arras

Canadian Geographic Education Program Coordinator Andrea Buchholz leads Canadian high school students in an activity on a giant floor map of the Vimy Ridge trench system at the Artois Expo in Arras, France on April 8. Canadian Geographic partnered with EF Tours to deliver programming to more than 8,000 students travelling through Arras for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. (Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic
Nearly 9,000 Canadian high school students explored giant floor maps of Vimy Ridge and the western front over two days
Andrew Gunadie, aka Gunnarolla

Andrew Gunadie, a.k.a. 'Gunnarolla.'

The Canadian YouTube sensation takes us into the heart of an unexpectedly charming maritime city
Map of Canada's Great Trail

The world's longest recreational trail network, the Great Trail will stretch nearly 24,000 kilometres when fully connected by the end of this year. (Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic)

Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
Formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail, the Great Trail celebrates the country's natural splendour and will be nearly 24,000 kilometres when fully connected by the end of 2017
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