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RCGS Honorary President Alex Trebek and RCGS CEO John Geiger stand in front of the Society's new home at 50 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa, Ontario. (Photo: Colin Rowe/Canadian Geographic)

Colin Rowe/Canadian Geographic
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society announces forthcoming Canada's Centre for Geography and Exploration
polar bears

Photo: Jonathan Huyer

Photo: Jonathan Huyer
Here's what the judges liked about this year's top picks
Edmonton Canadian Geographic cover vote

Option two (on the right) won a narrow victory with 52 per cent, with voters admiring the clarity, simplicity, the brilliant colour of the ice.

Thanks to everyone who weighed in

Photo: Brian Constantine / Can Geo Photoclub

Photo: Brian Constantine / Can Geo Photoclub
Canadian Geographic Challenge

This year's Canadian Geographic Challenge brought students to Ottawa from around Canada to test their geography expertise. (Photo: Dave Trattles/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Dave Trattles/Canadian Geographic
Relive the excitement of these geography whiz kids battling it out in Ottawa

54 per cent of the voters chose the picture of the female blue-footed booby nesting on the bare ground with her hatchlings (middle).

Starting July 5, 2016, the Royal Canadian Mint will begin releasing its new Celebrating Canada’s 150th coin series, which use photos sourced from Canadian Geographic's Photo Club.


The cover option on the left shows explorer and underwater diver Jill Heinerth near her home in north Florida, and won with 53 per cent of the vote.

Canadian Geographic readers have spoken! This is the cover of our July/August 2016 issue
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