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Nearly half (48 per cent) of our voters preferred the Vancouver option (far right).

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The majority of voters preferred option three (far right), with that image garnering 40 per cent of the tally. Options one and two received 22 and 37 per cent of the vote.

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50 per cent of voters agreed that option one was tops

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jill heinerth cave diving

Jill Heinerth will be at the Vancouver Aquarium next week to present some of the stunning images she's collected over her career as a diver and underwater caver. (Photo: Jill Heinerth)

Photo: Jill Heinerth
Diver and explorer Jill Heinerth will be speaking in Vancouver on February 22
arctic research baffin island

This recent entry to the Photos from the Field: Working in Canada's North Photo Competition shows student researcher Kevin Young taking photos from the shore of Baffin Island. For the past two summers Young has researched the effect of trail cameras on shorebird nests on Southampton Island. (Photo: Shawna-lee Masson/Canadian Geographic Photo Club)

Photo: Shawna-lee Masson/Canadian Geographic Photo Club
Enter the Photos from the Field: Working in Canada's North Photo Competition for a chance to win great prizes!
walrus nunavut hall beach

Walrus on the move on an island near Hall Beach, Nunavut. (Photo: Michelle Valberg)

Photo: Michelle Valberg
Get ready to see Canada through the lens of two of the country's best photographers: Michelle Valberg and Neil Ever Osborne
A gray jay in Western Canada's mountain forests

A gray jay, a.k.a. the whiskey jack or Canada jay — now named Canada's national bird by Canadian Geographic — in Western Canada's mountain forests. (Photo: Tony Joyce/Canadian Geographic Photo Club)

Photo: Tony Joyce
After two years, nearly 50,000 votes and thousands of public and expert comments, the Canadian Geographic National Bird Project concludes. Meet our newest national emblem.
Canadian Geographic and The Walrus partner on magazine celebrating nation’s sesquicentennial
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