Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

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It’s time to listen to the Inuit on climate change

When other regions of Canada and world are struck with major environmental and natural disasters, communities, first responders and the media rush to their aid. Not so for the Inuit and other Indigenous peoples of our country, who have already experienced life-threatening emergencies on many levels, and are now at the front lines of the slow, multifaceted disaster that is climate change.

Time and the war

“It is the wound in Time.”

Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson on the future of Canada’s oceans

No shortage of action: that sums up the first few months of federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Jonathan Wilkinson’s tenure in the portfolio.

Let the quiet have its say

Our home and grateful land

New commemorative park opens at Vimy Ridge

In 1917, moved by the total destruction he saw around him after the battle of Vimy Ridge, Lt. Leslie Miller gathered up a handful of acorns from a fallen English oak tree and sent them home to be planted on his family’s farm in Scarborough, Ont.

A century later, descendants of those “Vimy Oaks” — some of which still thrive on the grounds of what is today the Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church — have been returned to the soil of Vimy, France, as part of a new commemorative project marking both the centenary of the decisive battle and the end of the First World War.

How we chose the cover: January/February 2019 Canadian Geographic

There are still species in Canada — large mammals among them — that remain a mystery to the public and wildlife biologists alike. Take the glacier bear, which roams the remote patch of wilderness between extreme northwestern British Columbia, southwestern Yukon and the southeastern Alaskan coast.

Actor Jared Harris awarded RCGS’ Louie Kamookak Medal

His performance as Capt. Francis Crozier in AMC’s Franklin expedition psychodrama The Terror was hailed as outstanding and his best since Mad Men. Now, actor Jared Harris has been recognized with an award named for the historian who dedicated his life to discovering the truth of the expedition’s fate.

Eight awesome things that happened at the 2018 RCGS Fellows Dinner

The vibe was electric as more than 500 people gathered inside the newly-renovated National Arts Centre in Ottawa November 1 to celebrate what will be remembered as a milestone year for The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. 


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