10 birds to look for in Canada this summer

A big hello to all of the Canadian bird lovers out there! I am absolutely thrilled that DK Canada has released the second editions of both Birds of Eastern Canada and Birds of Western Canada.

Explore: A Canadian Geographic podcast - Episode 2: Jill Heinerth

Jill Heinerth is the world’s leading underwater cave diver, and her quest to understand what lies beneath the surface of our planet has taken her to some incredible places.

“I have cave-dived beneath golf courses, bowling alleys, homes,” she says. “My favorite was under the salad bar of a Sunny’s BBQ restaurant while a surface tracking team was walking between the tables yelling, ‘cave survey, coming through,’ and planting an orange flag in a salad bar potato salad.”

10 best wildlife photos from Can Geo's Instagram community

A herd of bison graze on rolling plains in Grasslands National Park, Sask. A humpback whale breaches in the waters off the coast of the Great Bear Rainforest, B.C. Two polar bears lunge at each other in a playful display in Wapusk National Park, Man. The 40,000-member strong Can Geo Instagram community is wild for Canada's wildlife. Here are our favourites from the third edition of Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos, on newsstands now.

A feminist approach to open government

The term “open government” is synonymous with the idea of inclusivity, but as three female experts on the topic note, women and women’s issues are still vastly underrepresented in the open government movement. Part of an ongoing series of stories about innovative projects in the developing world, a partnership between the International Development Research Centre and Canadian Geographic.

Sedna sculpture unveiled on Parliament Hill

“It was a big deal for me.”

That’s how renowned Inuit artist Bart Hanna describes how he felt while working on his latest creation, knowing it would one day be on display in one of the most instantly recognizable buildings in Canada — Parliament Hill’s Centre Block.

And the winners of Canada's Coolest School Trip 2019 are...

A class from Khàtìnas.àxh Community School in Teslin, Yukon, won an all-expenses-paid trip to Manitoba for their hard work in preserving and sharing their local Tlingit language. The trip was the grand prize in the annual Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest, which encourages students to learn about Canada’s national parks and cultural heritage.

How Canadian cities are reinventing their shopping malls

When Austrian architect Victor Gruen pioneered the American shopping mall in the mid-20th century, he saw it as more than just a place to shop.

“Shopping centres can fill an existing void,” Gruen wrote in 1960. “They can provide the needed place and opportunity for participation in modern community life that the ancient Greek Agora, the Medieval Market Place and our own Town Squares provided in the past.”

How Canada’s deepest cave, Bisaro Anima, got its name

The practice of naming caves and cave passages comes with both tradition and rules respected by cave explorers. Normally, the discoverers of a new cave or passage get first naming rights. But cave exploration is a team effort, and often groups will vote on proposed names when there are multiple suggestions or disagreements.

Featured Fellow: Phil Lind

Jens Munk: An expedition ahead of its time

Jens Munk is not a prominent name in Canadian history books. In fact, most Canadians have likely never heard of the Danish explorer who in 1619 undertook an expedition in search of the Northwest Passage and ended up overwintering near what is now Churchill, Man. Yet remarkably, some 200 years before the famous Franklin expeditions got underway in 1825, and three centuries before Norwegian Roald Amundsen succeeded in traversing the Northwest Passage, Jens Munk broke through the icy Davis Strait, found Frobisher Bay and spent a brutal winter on the shores of Hudson Bay.


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