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Canadian Geographic Education Giant Floor Maps and Tiled Maps

In order to fulfill the mission of Canadian Geographic Education, we are pleased to offer a variety of educational resources and products, free to all members. Giant Floor maps on various topics and themes are avilable for schools to book, and tiled maps are avaialble for free download.


A Developing World

This bilingual website from Canadian International Development Agency and Canadian Geographic offers a glance at the challenges faced by developing countries and presents some of their successes. And it shows you how Canadians have made a difference in developing countries around the world.


Charting Change

An ongoing series about innovative projects in the developing world.


Canadian Hydropower Interactive Map
Canada is the third largest producer of hydropower in the world behind only China and Brazil. Its hydro infrastructure is spread from coast to coast to coast and accounts for about 60 per cent of all the electricity generated in Canada. Learn more with this interactive map from Canadian Geographic and the Canadian Hydropower Association.


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Explore all 80 years of Canadian Geographic’s maps


Our Country
Famous Canadians and readers share their favourite places in Canada


Canada's polynyas
Canada’s Arctic is dotted with 23 polynyas that are critical habitats for marine mammals and birds. This interactive map depicts Canada's 23 polynyas.


Canada's National Marine Protected Areas
Explore the marine areas that are protected by Parks Canada and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Sir John Franklin’s Explorations of Canada’s Arctic
Franklin led two overland expeditions in northern Canada before undertaking his final voyage.


Where to go on safari in Kenya
For most Canadians, a Kenyan safari is a once-in-a-lifetime dream trip. To make sure that dream becomes a reality, get the lowdown on five Kenyan sites that provide views of beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife.


Europe at the start of the First World War
A tiled set of 1:100,000 base maps from the collection at McMaster University


Mapping the outbreak of war
Europe at the time of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination


Commute times in Canada
Average time it takes Canadians to commute to major cities


Kingdom of Jordan
Explore the highlights of Jordan’s landscape.


Mapping the highlights of Colombia
It has the largest bird diversity in the world, it’s considered the second most biologically diverse country on the planet, and visits by Canadians have increased by more than 10 per cent in each of the last three years. In case you’re not already among those flocking to Colombia, here are some highlights that are capturing the attention of the growing number of southbound Canucks.


Mapping Sochi, Russia, home of the Winter Olympics 2014
Sochi is not your typical Winter Olympics host city. Indeed, with its palm trees, pebble beaches and subtropical climate, the Russian resort town that’s hosting the 2014 games is better known as the country’s summer capital.


Vancouver’s Stanley Park turns 125
This map celebrates the 125th anniversary of the park, which officially opened on Sept. 27, 1888, by highlighting some well-known features and explaining the unique stories behind them.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Renowned around the globe, these cultural and natural heritage sites are must-see gems recognized by the United Nations as worthy of international conservation. But how well do you know them?


2012 Royal Canadian Geographical Society Expeditions
In 2012, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Expeditions program helped fund seven trips, all of which took place in Canada’s North. Travel along with the explorers through videos, photos and more.


The best places in Canada to view the northern lights
The skies across the country will light up with the breathtaking colours of the aurora borealis during the 2013 solar maximum. Check out the best spots to catch the view.


Northern Science Now
Every year, Masters and Doctoral students from universities across Canada head into the field to discover more about the country’s sensitive northern regions. Learn about some of their exciting research.


Energy use in Canada
Which provinces and territories use the most energy? Which use the least? Explore the geography of energy use in Canada.


Off the map
A collection of funny maps of Canada! Ever heard of Coca Cola Falls or Cootie Lake? They’re not make-believe. They’re actually real places! Check out these and other funny Canadian place names.


The Boreal Deal
Canada is the third most-forested country in the world, and boreal forest makes up about three-quarters of that forest cover. Canadian Geographic and the Forest Products Association of Canada map the forest and the species at risk that call it home.

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Protect your watershed
What we do on land, in our cities and in our waterways affects Canada's watersheds. Learn about your watershed and what you can do to protect it for future generations.

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Putting International Polar Year on the Map
A bilingual interactive map that locates, describes and illustrates more than 50 International Polar Year projects across Canada’s North. Using state-of-the-art cartography, the map combines text and photographs in a dynamic and informative presentation of each research project.


The Canadian Navy: Namesake Communities
Profiling 372 vessels named after Canadian communities, regions and First Nations, this map explores a tradition that began as a way to unify the country.