A tale of two seasons
Churchill is world-renowned for its beluga whales and polar bears, and visitors can enjoy wildly different experiences with the creatures in summer and fall.
Online Exclusives:
Read more about dogsledding in the summer
Photo tour of the town of Churchill, Manitoba

Remote. Unspoiled. Serene. And the promise of big fish.
A taste of Manitoba’s world-class fly-in fishing experience
Online Exclusive: Read an interview about what it's like to manage a back-country lodge in Manitoba

Red River monsters
Chasing the continent’s biggest and best channel catfish a stone’s throw from Winnipeg
Online Exclusive: Video about the art of angling for catfish

Winnipeg rules!
Three tributes — from an outsider, a former resident and a life-long Winnipegger — to Manitoba’s capital

A museum of ideas
Winnipeg’s Canadian Museum for Human Rights sparks thoughtful reflection
Online Exclusive: Read more about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights unique architecture

Riddles in stone
The number of the beast, sacrificial altars and a raging goddess with snakes for hair — what’s not to love about the Manitoba legislature?
Online Exclusive: Frank Albo guides a virtual tour of the Manitoba legislature's secrets

An oasis on the prairie
Psst... don’t tell anyone, but Riding Mountain National Park might just be Manitoba’s best-kept secret
Online Exclusive: Story about the Harvest Sun music festival in Kelwood, just outside Riding Mountain National Park

Meet Bruce
... The world’s largest mosasaur, discovered in what was once an ancient inland sea, where hundreds more like it may be buried
Online Exclusive: Infographic of 10 amazing Manitoba fossil facts

Magnificent Manitoba
Presenting the winning images of the Canadian Geographic Photo Club’s Click Here Manitoba Photo Contest
Online Exclusive: See all of the winners

Let it snow
A sampling of the best frosty fun Manitoba has to offer
Online Exclusive: Go ice-fishing on Lake Winnipeg with Canadian Geographic editor Aaron Kylie


Secrets of Manitoba

A park for the ages
Online Exclusive: Watch videos of Assiniboine Park Zoo's polar bears swimming and arriving for the first time at the facility's state-of-the-art International Polar Bear Conservation Centre

Forts and furs
Online Exclusive: The resurrection of Upper Fort Garry with new provincial park and technological installation

First Nations and Métis: A storied heritage
Online Exclusive: Get the bannock recipe from a longstanding aboriginal restaurant

Stage stars
Online Exclusive: Get an inside look at life in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Party on!
Online Exclusive: See photos of the Festival du Voyageur

Manitoba mosaic
Online Exclusive: Stunning photo essay showcasing Manitoba's great diversity

The wild side
Online Exclusive: Learn more about the red-sided garter snakes that make their home in the Narcisse snake pits

Go with the flow
Online Exclusive: Five worthy water conservation initiatives in Manitoba

Thompson, Manitoba
Embark on a fly-in fishing adventure, trek a wolf-themed path rich in northern heritage and learn about the world’s largest aerospace facility for cold-weather testing in Thompson
Online Exclusive: Find out how a Thompson volunteer group is trying to turn the city into the official "wolf capital of the world."

A selection of Manitoba’s can’t-miss food experiences
Online Exclusive: Interactive map of the best places to eat in Manitoba