’The Arctic is melting. our job is to take the inventory of what’s here.’
Exploring the mission and mandate of the new Canadian High Arctic Research Station
Online Exclusive: See more of Paul Colangelo’s stunning Arctic photography

The water way
How Canada’s century-old renewable hydro power has evolved — and may be an answer to a fossil-fuel-free future
Online Exclusives:
An interactive map of Canada’s hydroelectricity infrastructure
Four experts discuss the influence of Hydro-Quebec

The innovators
Seven young Canadian entrepreneurs talk climate change solutions
Online Exclusive: Read more about each of the Quest Climate Grant recipients

Off the charts
Seven maps of climate change impacts in Canada and around the world
Online Exclusive: More maps showing the impacts of climate change

Welcome to the new age
The current epoch is going on 11,700 years now. Has human impact created a new epoch on the geologic time scale — the Anthropocene — in just 70?
Online Exclusive: An interview with limnologist John Smol about the Anthropocene


Big picture
Celebrating Canada’s grandeur

Showcasing Can Geo’s photo club

In a snap
Sharing Can Geo via Instagram

Polar blog
SmartICE safety

On the map
Exploring cartography
Online Exclusive: Interview with Adam Fenech about P.E.I.’s vanishing coasts


Maatalii Okalik, president of the National Inuit Youth Council, on climate change and the importance of the environment to Inuit
Online Exclusive: Extended interview with Maatalii Okalik

Sea lampreys in Lake Superior, treeplanting in Hamilton and more
Online Exclusives:
Rare white whale could be heading to Vancouver Island
Citizen scientists aim to improve Hamilton, Ont. air quality
Researchers tracking climate change using sound
Sea lampreys in Lake Superior to be targeted this summer
What Arctic beetles can tell us about climate change

A magnetic map and remembering the Rio Earth Summit of 1992
Online Exclusives:
See a full-size version of this map and read about a controversial theory linking global warming to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field
Learn about the Wheat Sheet and what it means for sustainable magazine production

How technology is making the farm more efficient
Online Exclusive: Five other agricultural innovations in Canada

The green roof of the future
Online Exclusive: The most innovative green roofs in Canada


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July/August 2016, Canadian Geographic celebrates women explorers

Our Country: Alex Trebek
Jeopardy! host and new Honorary President of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society Alex Trebek shares why Ottawa has a special place in his heart
Online Exclusive: An interactive map of favourite places in Canada