Canada’s greatest explorers
100 Canadians who best embody the spirit of exploration
Online Exclusive: Learn more about Canada's 100 greatest explorers

Welcome to Saddlestone
The Calgary suburb is the nation’s first on-the-ground example of the fused grid, an urban planning approach designed to connect communities

The big one
The last megathrust earthquake to strike Canada was in 1700, and the clock is ticking. How we’re preparing for the impact.

Fruits of their labour
A glimpse at what life as a strawberry picker is like for the Indian men and women working at a produce farm in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley
Online Exclusive: See photos of a similar scenario in Quebec's agricultural industry


Big picture
Celebrating Canada’s grandeur

Showcasing Can Geo’s photo club

In a snap
Sharing Can Geo via Instagram


The Water Brothers talk shop
Online Exclusive: Check out a list of television shows that can teach you something about Canadian geography

Canada’s “New Noah,” cougars in Alberta and more
Online Exclusives:
A carbon sink on the Prairies
Canada's "New Noah"
The “fly-or-die” migration of the blackpoll warbler
Fundraising for more hydrophones in Great Bear Sea

A 250-year-old map of Prince Edward Island and celebrating 85 years of Canadian Geographic
Online Exclusive: See a larger version of this PEI map and read more about the impact of Samuel Holland's work on the island

Theatre of The Rock
Online Exclusive: See an interactive map of Newfoundland's theatres that highlights this summer's must-see shows

Discovering an ancient Arctic house
Online Exclusive: Pictures of the excavation and an interview with the researcher who discovered the dwelling

Polar blog
Bear watch

On the map
Exploring cartography
Online Exclusive: Tips and additional resources on how to protect your groundwater

National Bird Project
Atlantic puffin
Online Exclusive: Vote now for Canada's national bird


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July/August 2015, Canadian Geographic explores Wood Buffalo National Park

Our Country: Lawrence Hill
Lawrence Hill shares why he adores Woody Point, Newfoundland
Online Exclusive: An interactive map of favourite places in Canada