Energy rich
A look at Canada’s non-renewables, which account for 90 per cent of our primary energy production
Online Exclusive: The CANDU reactor: a Canadian success story and looking at the most important renewable sources

Fogo’s future
Newfoundland native returns to Fogo Island, aiming to revitalize the community
Online Exclusive: The New Ocean Ethic Project aims at revitalizing the islands while protecting the ocean

Majumder’s manor
Comedian Shaun Majumder gathers friends and family to revitalize his hometown
Online Exclusive: Videos and photos

The Big Flood
A Canmore resident recounts his experience during last year’s floods
Online Exclusive: Is Alberta ready for more?

Sailing 360
An exclusive photo essay of the Van Isle 360 International Yacht Race
Online Exclusive: Interview with a crew member

Home away from home
The storied history of 200-year-old Canada Club
Online Exclusive: Canada Club, Scottish Connection

Melville Island
While it houses a yacht club today, it used to be packed with prisoners, not boats
Online Exclusive: The many faces of Melville Island

Canada at war
Looking back at the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Online Exclusive: Interactive map: Europe at the time of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination

A step-by-step look at how cover-collapse sinkholes form
Online Exclusive: Videos of sinkholes and how they form

James Cameron
The filmmaker shares what inspires him about exploration and science

The orchid fief
Ontario orchid colony is key to understanding precarious wetland ecosystems
Online Exclusive: How to care for an orchid

Concern over Atlantic salmon numbers in Quebec
A look at the number of salmon returning to spawn

Conserving the Porcupine Caribou
The balance between protecting the caribou and ensuring aboriginal hunting rights

The struggle to keep the Experimental Lakes Area
Important scientific area fights funding battles to stay afloat

Hummingbird diversification
The beautiful bird continues to diversify and adapt to different ecological niches

Alberta’s grizzlies under threat
Closing roads may help protect grizzly bear population

Solar art
Canadian artist to create bird-friendly solar panels for buildings


Your Society
News from The Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Editor’s notebook
Power broker

On the Map
Charting the extent of southern Alberta’s June 2013 flood
Online Exclusive: 10 other Canadian natural disasters

Our Country: Measha Brueggergosman
Opera star Measha Brueggergosman
Online Exclusive: An interactive map of favourite places in Canada

What’s This
Recognize this mystery object?

Where’s This
Can you identify this landmark?

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