Canada's greatest household carbon reduction challenge.

Eight households. Six challenges. $50,000 cash prize.

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What is the Live Net Zero Challenge?

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  • Presented by Canadian Geographic and Shell Canada with support from Scotiabank

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Meet our Live Net Zero households

Learn more about why our households wanted to participate in the 2023 Live Net Zero challenge and follow along to see how they stack up.

Windsor, Ontario

The Waddell-Shankland Household

Already challenging themselves to not buy anything new for a year, this family is eager to embark on the Live Net Zero Challenge.

Meet The Waddell-Shankland Household
Montréal, Quebec

The Proulx-Coll Household

This active family of five believes that we need to come together as Canadians to protect our natural environment and reduce our carbon emissions.

Meet The Proulx-Coll Household
Dundas, Ontario

The Reid Household

The Reid household aims for net-zero living due to current climate concerns. They’re excited to learn and implement carbon footprint-reducing strategies.

Meet The Reid Household
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The DePape-Rodrigues Household

Kari and Brigette want to understand affordable yet effective ways to decrease personal carbon emissions and continue to advocate for policy change.

Meet The DePape-Rodrigues Household
Etobicoke, Ontario

The Marsh Household

This multi-generation household of five already has a rather low-carbon lifestyle, and big ideas on how to make their homes less carbon intensive.

Meet The Marsh Household
Hanwell, New Brunswick

The Foreman Household

The Foremans understand the importance of addressing carbon emissions, they want to inspire ordinary Canadian families through their experiences.

Meet The Foreman Household
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The MacInnis-Boudreau Household

Wildfires hitting too close to home has this family exploring what more they can do to help lessen climate change.

Meet The MacInnis-Boudreau Household
Airdrie, Alberta

The Shannon Household

After making an independent documentary about a sustainable housing specialist retrofitting their home, the Shannon’s aim to share their new knowledge.

Meet The Shannon Household

Follow the challenges

See households work through challenges to make the biggest impact on their carbon emissions, and gain valuable tips and tricks for your own home.

Sep 4 - 17 Commuting
Sep 4 - Feb 28 Home Improvement
Sep 25 - Oct 8 Home Envelope
Oct 16 - 29 Heating and Cooling
Nov 6 - 19 Electricity
Nov 27 - Dec 10 Holidays


Plot a course to drive less and decarbonize your ride to take the pole position on emissions reductions.

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Home Improvement

Some thoughtful home introspection is required to make major progress towards becoming net zero.

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Home Envelope

To seal this deal you’ll need to ditch drafts and fill the gaps in your home’s cold weather defences.

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Heating and Cooling

Keep your cool while ensuring your home is warm and water’s hot with the fewest carbon emissions possible.

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Pull the plug on inefficiency to take charge of your power consumption, and find ways to green your grid.

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Carbon budgets can take off when celebrating holidays and taking winter vacations, so keep them in check and carry on.

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