Interactive Watersheds Map: Protect your watershed

What we do on land, in our cities and in our waterways affects Canada’s watersheds. Canadians must act now to protect our water heritage for future generations. Learn more about your watershed and the issues affecting it, connect with watershed action groups in your area, submit photos and more in this interactive map.

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The health of the Fraser River

Follow the team of specialists diagnosing the ills of British Columbia’s Fraser River

A canoe expedition with purpose

First Nations canoeists travel down the Severn and Fern rivers to assert their sovereignty over the land

Voices from the Yukon’s Peel watershed land-use debate

Karen Baltgailis of the Yukon Conservation Society speaks out about the importance of protecting the Peel watershed

Lesson Plans:

The Fraser River’s Journey (Elementary level)
This lesson provides students with information about the Fraser River, including: the geographical location; historical relevance of the river; pollutants that threaten its life and basic factual information

Exploring evaluating watersheds (Secondary level)
Students will examine Canada’s watersheds as well as their local watershed and use The Source of life: Canada’s watershed protection action guide to evaluate what they currently do to protect it

Canadian Atlas Online: Watershed awareness

Canada is a country synonymous with water, with over two million lakes and one-fifth of the world’s freshwater lying within its borders. Explore the Canadian Atlas online and learn more about our nation’s water resources.

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Canadian Geographic: The Water Issue

We use water in our homes, industries and farms. But what happens to all that waste water once we’re done with it? Find the answers and the tools to take action as we focus on water, its use and abuse, in the June 2011 issue of Canadian Geographic.