On January 28, 1916, Manitoba women became the first in Canada to receive the right to vote and hold office in provincial elections. Now, 100 years later, Canadian Geographic is commemorating the history of women's suffrage in Canada and celebrating modern trailblazers. Throughout 2016 we will feature interviews with prominent Canadian women as well as articles about women’s issues, past and present.

Civil rights activist Viola Desmond to grace new $10 bill

The Bank of Canada has announced that Viola Desmond will become the first Canadian woman to be featured on a regularly circulating banknote in 2018

New exhibit celebrates Canadian women's fight for the right to vote

Display at the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa also explores the historical context of women's suffrage

Q&A with Maatalii Okalik

The president of the National Inuit Youth Council talks climate change, women's issues and Inuit culture

Determining women's destiny

How evaluating an educational program that helps women in India empower themselves could help ensure its future

Buffy Sainte-Marie's favourite place in Canada

The Cree singer-songwriter explains what makes Saskatchewan's Qu'Appelle Valley so special to her

Roberta Bondar Q&A

As the first Canadian woman in space and the first astronaut-neurologist, Roberta Bondar has explored the farthest reaches of our planet, been at the cutting edge of science and shattered society’s expectations of women. Her latest foray into the world of photography has taken her to some of the most extreme places on Earth and allowed her to share her unique perspective of Canada.

Women on currency

In 2018, a Canadian banknote will for the first time prominently feature an iconic Canadian woman. Here's a timeline of key events leading up to the decision, a breakdown of what happens next and how to get involved.

Canadian heroines

Explore this interactive story map, which highlights the journeys and accomplishments of Canadian heroines in honour of International Women's Day.

Canada's greatest modern women explorers

Whether diving in Antarctic waters, making scientific breakthroughs or summiting Everest, these remarkable women are making their mark on Canada and the world.

Timeline of Women's Suffrage in Canada

Explore this interactive story map to learn how suffrage developed in Canada

Snapshots of a century: Women in the pages of Canadian Geographic

We dug through nine decades of the archives of Canadian Geographic magazine to see how women were represented in its pages.

Adrienne Clarkson Q&A

In this extended interview (see the January/February 2016 issue for the original), Clarkson reflects on the challenges facing Canadian women today.

Kim Campbell Q&A

She was Canada's first and, so far only, woman prime minister. These days, the accomplished speaker has championed a number of organizations, such as the Council of Women World Leaders and the International Women's Forum. Here, Campbell discusses her views on women's issues in Canada.

Margaret Atwood Q&A

We caught up with Margaret Atwood at The Royal Canadian Geographical Society's 2015 College of Fellows Annual Dinner to talk about Canada's geography, climate change and how to get away with murder in the Arctic.

Merna Forster Q&A

The Canadian historian and author celebrates the contributions of Canadian women in her work. Now, she's looking to get Canadian women on banknotes. We sat down with Forster to talk about her campaign.