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Without a doubt, Montreal is my favourite place in Canada. You almost feel like you’re getting a taste of Europe when you come here; everyone speaks two languages, the architecture’s a little different, you just sense that you’re in a vibrant city with a lot of history and culture.

I love that you can look out over the city from pretty much anywhere on the mountain and see the brewery on the river. It gives me a great sense of pride to know that it’s been part of the city and part of our family for more than 230 years, but I also feel a responsibility, as a member of the seventh generation, to continue it.

I have three boys and a girl, all under 16 years old, and at this stage they all want to play hockey, but they’re starting to develop an interest in business and realize that making it in the NHL is a lot harder than they might think! It’s not my style at all to put pressure on them to have interest in the brewery, but I hope at least one of the four will try to keep it going.

Hockey is sort of in our genes as a family. My grandfather and his brother purchased the Montreal Canadiens in 1957, and there have been some sales and re-purchases, but it’s pretty much been in the family and in the brewery since then. Growing up, I was just like my kids are now — a young hockey player with dreams of playing professionally. We lived a block away from the Montreal Forum, where the Canadiens used to play, and if I got my homework done, I was able to go to the games. That’s how it all started for me; I became a fan as a kid and now I’m living the dream of being in the ownership.

There’s nothing like going to a hockey game in Montreal. There’s so much passion and energy and love for the Canadiens in this city; you can feel it when they step on the ice, and when they score a goal, or when they win, it changes the mood of the city. It’s pretty incredible.

— As told to Alexandra Pope