For years, people have been asking us to create clothing branded with the name and Compass Rose logo of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. We listened, and are thrilled to announce that our online Society Shop is now live with a number of your most-requested items, including t-shirts and jackets created in partnership with iconic Canadian clothing brand Roots, plus toques, socks and more.

“People know that when it comes to exploration, adventure, and geography in Canada, we are the authentic brand,” says John Geiger, CEO of the RCGS. Throughout its 90-year history, the Society has been associated with and supported some of the biggest names and most daring feats in exploration, so when it came time to commemorate that legacy, it only made sense to partner with Roots — a company literally born in a cabin in Algonquin Park.

“Our expedition jacket with Roots tells a story that resonates deeply, because it is genuine,” says Geiger.

Likewise, the new RCGS Roots t-shirts feature three instantly iconic designs: the classic Compass Rose logo, the mission patch of Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar, and the expedition patch of Wade Davis — two of our greatest living explorers.

“The RCGS brand is iconic and inspiring,” says Geiger. “It was not invented by marketers trying to contrive an aesthetic for consumers, it is actually the stuff of Canadian exploration.”

Let’s go shopping!