• moose tim hortons newfoundland

    Three moose were recently filmed walking by a Tim Hortons in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. (Photo: Critters N' Things/Facebook)

The new year has arrived, and with it, Canada's sesquicentennial. As such, we at Canadian Geographic can think of no better way to kick off 2017's Video of the Week series than with what is, arguably, the epitome of Canadiana: three moose moseying through a Tim Hortons drive-thru.

The 10-second clip below was filmed in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland by Mark Mullaly, who spotted the ungulates behind a local pet shop, presumably scavenging food from nearby dumpsters. The trio eventually made their way to the nearby gas station's Tim Hortons drive-thru, as seen in Mullaly's video.  

A small crowd gathered to watch, and as of Friday afternoon, more than 9,000 people have joined the viewing party via the video Mullaly posted to Facebook

“It’s not my first time seeing moose so I wasn’t all too surprised but to see them in there, that was definitely exciting,” Mullaly told CTVNews.ca. “It definitely got a bit wild.”

Another posted video shows the moose trotting along a sidewalk, accompanied by two police crusers.