• mountie chases bear

    A screenshot from a video of an RCMP officer chasing a black bear. (Image via Youtube user Damian G)

For most Canadians, sighting a black bear (from a safe distance) is an exciting experience. Equally exciting is to see an RCMP officer dressed in full red serge. Bemused visitors to Waterton Lakes National Park got to see both when a fully dressed Mountie was tasked with chasing a black bear away from a playground.

RCMP officers in touristy areas are encouraged to wear the red serge uniform and interact with visitors. Sgt. Clayton Wilbern was on duty when he was informed that a black bear was in town. He said that the chase continued for some time, as the bear kept climbing trees, and he had to stop for photo-ops with tourists. "They were getting my picture taken with the bear in the background," Wilbern told the CBC.

The oh-so-Canadian moment was captured on film by Damian Gillis from Calgary who was in Waterton camping with his family. “Nothing more Canadian than an RCMP office in red serge and a black bear,” wrote Gillis in the video description. “Truly Canadian image to celebrate Canada 150.”