The 2016 Arctic Winter Games took place this week in Nuuk, Greenland. The week-long games are both an athletic competition and a celebration of circumpolar culture.

Athletes compete in a wide range of events, from mainstream sports like ice hockey, wrestling and alpine skiing, to traditional Dene games like finger pull, snowsnake and pole push, and Inuit games such as one- and two-foot high kick, kneel jump and knuckle hop.

The video above, from Al Jazeera's Paul Rhys, explains the traditional games' roots in hunting and survival skills.

As of Friday morning, Team Alaska led the games in medals with a total of 173, with Team Yukon in second place with 88 and Team Alberta North in third place with 72.

The Games were also accompanied by cultural events and workshops, including art exhibitions and musical performances. Check out some vignettes from the opening ceremonies, which featured a performance by Greenland rock band Small Time Giants:

Check out the 2016 Arctic Winter Games Facebook page for incredible photos from all the events!