Try this at your next dinner party.

In a recently-uploaded YouTube video, a camera-wielding everyman sneaks up on a chipmunk that is in the process of marauding his bird feeder. Caught red-handed (or rather, full-cheeked?), the chipmunk freezes. It then proceeds to spit out all the seeds it had crammed into the expandable grocery bags attached to its face – which turn out to be astonishingly capacious.

It's a talent the animal is known for. A chipmunk's cheeks can stretch to be three times larger than its head, which becomes useful when it comes time to stock up the winter food cache.

The animal spends a solid third of the entire 32 second video emptying its maw. Having lightened its load, it flees the scene, leaving the cameraman to whisper, "That's kinda gross."

Sure, we can't deny it's a bit unsavoury, but also impressive, no?