• An iceberg off of Monumental Island, Nunavut in the Davis Strait. (Photo: Rob Stimpson)

Canadian Geographic caught up with photographer and regular contributor Rob Stimpson as he travelled in Canada's North this week. Travelling on One Ocean Expeditions' ship Akademik Ioffe, Stimpson headed out from Frobisher Bay, Nunavut to Monumental Island, where he captured images of polar bears, whales and spectacular icebergs. His next stop was in Akpait, where murs and kittiwakes swirled around towering cliffs and ocean.

A polar bear high up on a rocky knoll at Monumental Island. (Photo: Rob Stimpson)

Kittiwakes take flight at Akpait, Baffin Island. (Photo: Rob Stimpson)

A mur chick with its father at Akpait Bay, Baffin Island. (Photo: Rob Stimpson)

An iceberg at the base of the cliffs in Akpait Bay, Baffin Island. (Photo: Rob Stimpson)