• Photo: Michael Winsor

Each year, we put out the call to photographers across the country. Show us what Canada looks like to you! Our Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year competition is no exception, and each year we are overwhelmed with incredible shots of wildlife from coast to coast to coast. Chosing the finalists is always hugely challenging. As always, the winning entries in this year's competition showcase an amazing array of wildlife photography.

See the winners of this year's competition below:


Winner: Head to Head by Shane Kalyn

Runner Up: The Chat by Gisele Landriault

Honourable Mention: The Punchline by Rachel Bear

Up Close

Winner: Happy Snapper by Philip Childs

Runner Up: Arctic Skipper by Geoffrey Shuen

Honourable Mention: Ladybug Ready for Lunch by Brenda Doherty

Urban Wildlife

Winner: Polar Bear with Oil Drums by Dave Allcorn

Runner Up: Winter Tire Inspector by Nicole Watson

Honourable Mention: Bad Example by Abdulla Moussa

Plants and Trees

Winner: Twin Oaks and Prarie Smokes by Peter Baumgarten

Runner Up: The Lone Pine by Peter Derrington

Honourable Mention: Huddle by Jason Pettit

Animals in Action

Winner: Drifters by Jean-Christophe Lemay

Runner Up: Wrong Time, Wrong Place by Martin Tampier

Honourable Mention: Colourful Day by Phillipe De-Bryune


Winner: Northern Harrier vs Short-Eared Owl by Windy Corduroy

Runner Up: The Murre Colony by Ryan Tidman

Honourable Mention: Northern Gannets Sleeping Under the Milky Way by Michael Winsor