• Representatives of CPAC and the RCGS in CPAC's Ottawa studio

    Representatives of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and CPAC at CPAC's Ottawa studios. (Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic)

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) have announced a new partnership that will see the organizations work together to make Canada better known to Canadians. 

Representatives from both groups met at CPAC's Ottawa studios January 25 to sign a memorandum of understanding and kickstart discussions on possible projects. 

CPAC is best known for its extensive coverage of Canadian politics and parliamentary proceedings through its commercial-free, bilingual television service and online streaming video. The RCGS celebrates Canada's natural and cultural heritage and explores its environmental, social and economic challenges through its programs and publications, including its flagship magazine, Canadian Geographic. Both organizations share a commitment to deepening Canadians' knowledge of their country, so the partnership is a natural fit, says André Prefontaine, Chief Development Officer of the RCGS. 

"When you look at the mandate of the RCGS and the mandate of CPAC, they're practically identical," he says. "Working together, we can better achieve our shared goals." 

While no projects have yet been finalized, both organizations will leverage their strengths to create dynamic, informative content tailored to a variety of platforms. 

"The goal is to inform Canadians about important issues and make our content accessible so they can engage with our country in different ways," says Catherine Cano, President and General Manager of CPAC.