• Do you know which Canadian city this is? Take our quiz below to find out. (Photos: Chris Hadfield/Canadian Space Agency)

For five months, astronaut Chris Hadfield has kept the world’s rapt attention from the International Space Station as he beamed photos and videos down to Earth. More than 900,000 Twitter followers waited for his latest pictures, which Hadfield liked to capture while the ISS passed over Canadian cities.

But even in the age of Google Earth, many cities as seen from space can be difficult to identify without roads, bodies of water, or other landmarks labeled. Even Hadfield himself sometimes recruited the help of his social media followers to identify European cities and obscure landmarks. See how well you do identifying some of Canada’s cities and landforms in Hadfield’s pictures in the slideshow below.

Click on this photo to take the quiz. (Photos: Chris Hadfield/Canadian Space Agency)