Bill Lishman, the man known as Father Goose for his exploits in guiding migrating Canada geese from the seat of his ultralight aircraft, has taken to the sky again. This time, however, Lishman’s focus isn’t on what’s next to him but what’s below him: the Oak Ridge Moraine.

Lishman’s new book, The Oak Ridges Moraine From Above, scheduled for release on April 22, contains about 200 colour photos of the 1,900-square-kilometre stretch of land that reaches from the Trent River in the east to the Niagara Escarpment in the west.

“[The moraine] is the defining geological feature of south-central Ontario. It needs rock-star status,” he says, explaining the reason for the book. Lishman believes the biggest threat to the moraine is “denaturing” it with residential and industrial developments, such as solar farms, and says he thinks people will be surprised at the variety of images the book contains. “It’s got everything from junk piles and mansions to misty wooded valleys and gravel pits.”

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A selection of images from Lishman’s new book. Click to see a slideshow