Canadian Geographic and Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) are proud to present ‘Paykiiwikay’ Métis Culture Podcast, a new online series exploring the rich Métis culture and Michif language.  

Hosted by interdisciplinary Métis artist, mentor and author Leah Dorion the first ten episodes of ‘Paykiiwikay,’ which is Michif for “come and visit,” takes listeners on a journey through Métis communities around the province of Saskatchewan.

"Working on ‘Paykiiwikay’ has been one of the highlights of my broadcast career,” says producer and veteran journalist David McGuffin. “I am proud of my Métis roots, which date back to the fur trade.  Like too many Canadians my understanding of the story of the Métis people faded out at the Battle of Batoche and the defeat of Louis Riel. Working with Leah and the Métis Nation–Saskatchewan on this series has opened my eyes to the depth and richness of Métis history, language and culture. I hope our listeners gain as much from listening to this ten part journey, as I did from working on it." 

Relying on her own Métis life experiences, Dorion gets up close and personal with inspirational and diverse guests including Michif educator Russell Fayant, Métis musician and actress Andrea Menard, and Elder Norman Fleury. The range of topics is as varied as the personalities; from the impact of Michif language loss on Métis identity, to Michif cultural expression in the arts and Métis food and cooking. 

“I learned so much from our guests about our many different ways of being Métis. Their messages are uplifting and I hope everyone enjoys listening to our conversations. I especially hope our youth get some inspiration from these wonderful cultural leaders in our Métis community,” said Dorion.

Paykiiwikay,’ will address the very real need to preserve heritage, tradition and Métis identity. The series launches Jan. 12, 2021 with new episodes released between now and May. Episodes can be streamed on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and will be uploaded below. 

Listen to the first episode now! 

An introduction to Michif language, history and culture with Russell Fayant. Fayant shares the history of the Métis Nation in Saskatchewan using his own family story as an example of how the Michif language almost died, and is now rallying back though programs like SUNTEP Regina that promote Michif language, and summer immersion programs at Lebret Farms.