The wolverine. It’s one of the planet’s most powerful and vicious predators. It’s also one of the most elusive animals in Canada, if not the world. Indeed, photos of wild Canadian wolverines are rare. Canadian Geographic wants to change that.

In an effort to celebrate this iconic Canadian species and raise awareness of its disappearing habitat — wolverines travel up to 24 kilometres a day through remote boreal forest habitat hunting rodents, rabbits and even elk, deer or caribou — Canadian Geographic is launching Mission Wild Wolverine, a crowd-funding campaign with the goal of working with one of the country’s top wildlife photographers to capture stunning images of the elusive creature. It’s a photographic hunt like few others.

Costly travel in the most remote regions of Canada is essential to putting a photographer in the right place at the right time, so the money raised will help support critical time in the field. Naturally, Canadian Geographic will share the results with Canadians, and the world.

Please join the Mission today.