• The most Christmassy place names in Canada

    Map: Nick Walker/Canadian Geographic

Who'd have thought a map could help stir up the Christmas spirit?

All of the place names shown here are recognized by the Geographical Names Board of Canada (yes, even Quebec's Lac Ho-Ho). Of course, some locations — like the communities of Silver, Man., and Golden, B.C. — technically have nothing to do with the yuletide, but they suit our purposes just fine when the season is upon us.

Other places and features were expressly named for the holiday. New Brunswick's Appalachian Christmas Mountains, for example, include peaks for each of Santa's eight reindeer (and two extras for the North Pole and St. Nicholas). That's because in 1964 Arthur F. Wightman, a member of the Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names, noticed they were a) still unnamed and b) lay close to the source of "North Pole Stream." Meanwhile, British Columbia's Sugarplum Spire was dubbed as such simply because geologist Peter Robinson thought it was "frosted white like a cake," and, presumably, he was a fan of the Christmas treat.

Explore the map above to discover more of Canada's merry and bright locales. Happy holidays from Canadian Geographic.