• Photographer Unknown (C.P.R. Photograph) - A Douglas Fir Log in Forest North of Pt. Haney, B.C., 1933

Running from Jan 23 to Feb 27, O Canada, an exciting new exhibit at the Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto, takes on the weighty theme of defining Canada's culture during our fledgling country's first century.

On display are anonymous shots of lumberjacks and natives, as well as famous photos, such as Prime Minister Trudeau's, pirouette at Buckingham Palace.

Yet most of all this exhibit highlights how we're perceived throughout the world. As the CBC notes, Stephen Bulger "tracked down historic images in collections around the world, but he hit a mother lode when the New York Times invited him to explore its vast photo archive in Queens."

There, among four-million-plus photos, he found over 22,000 shots with Canadian content. Who knew the Americans were so fascinated by us?

Check out CBC's article to find even more photos from the show.